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Interview: Frank Beuken tells Al Rasub about the Arab Spring

Original interview at Al Rasub

Frank Beuken is a Blogger   and a political analyst, he talks to Al-Rasub about his coming novel and changing political conditions of Arab world..


Al-Rasub:     Frank, can u  tell us briefly about your younger years and school College life .

Frank Beuken:  I was born in Baarn, The Netherlands. I have seen many schools as my parents moved quite a lot. Several places in the Netherlands, France and Belgium. High school was my highest grade. Due to severe problems at home I ran away and lived temporary in a shelter home. I first tasted freedom when I lived in a town called Nijmegen in the Netherlands. I became active in protests against government decisions which were undermining normal civil rights. As well against American weapons to be place in the Netherlands. I spent many of these years in the so called underground culture of the town. Evenings were filled with philosophical discussions with friends which lasted often till the next morning.


Al-Rasub:     You have a very close look on Arab Spring, will you explain the context of Arab Spring ?

Frank Beuken:    From the first moment in Tunisia when a boy set himself on fire out of pure frustration against the authorities, my attention for the Arab spring was born.

Of course I was always against suppression and followed the news in Romania 1989 when the dictator Ceausescu was captured and shot by a military tribunal. The people of that country suffered for many years just because one man “owned” the country and found he had the right to abuse the people. With fear for their lives, young people, supported by miners dared the stand up against this cruel man. With the fast that 1 of 5 men in Romania had served the Securitate (Secret services) they were never sure who to trust. But they won with the right spirit.

In Tunisia the young people found the strength to stand up as well and they succeeded. Egypt followed, then Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and many more countries. The young people just had enough of these cruel dictators. All they wanted was respect, jobs and a normal future without fear.


Al-Rasub:    How do you think Arab spring gets its targets ?


Frank Beuken:  The Arab spring was already very successful. Several dictators fled or were killed. The people took back what belongs to them. The country itself. It is now important to stay focused. A good example is Egypt now with Mursi, who wants to get more power than Mubarak had. Maybe his intentions are good and does he really wants to protect the revolution but it is unacceptable for the people on Tahrir square. Many of their friends died or are in prison. Mursi needs to listen to them. Not to Tantawi, who in my opinion is still very much in power. Often I wonder if Mursi is a puppet from the army and with this idea, a democracy is still far away. And the youngsters on Tahrir are aware of this.


Al-Rasub:     There is a common perception in many groups in Muslim world that Arab Spring is American funded moment, what are your observation and opinion ?


Frank Beuken:   Personally I think it is the biggest offence for all these young people who have given their lives for the revolution. The first real proof that America couldn’t be in control, when Obama mentioned the resign date of Mubarak. But it didn’t happen. Mubarak stayed in charge. Obama lost his face with this awkward moment. People who believe that foreign powers have set up the Arab spring, are conspiracy thinkers. People who always believe that higher powers are behind it. The Arab Spring is pure and started and finished by these brave young people.


Al-Rasub:    Some critics says that Arab spring divided Muslim world or specially Arab world in two groups, Liberal and Fundamentalist and they give the examples of Tunisia and Egypt what you think ?


Frank Beuken:  These critics are often people from the west, with a huge lack of knowledge of the Arab world. Remember that Ben Ali, Khadaffi, Mubarak and now Assad as well, always mentioned the danger of fundamentalists? They wanted to warn the nation for a fear what doesn’t really exist. I mean of course there are extremist groups but they do not have the power to set the revolution in their direction. Personally I believe Al Qaida is a myth. In a sense that it isn’t a worldwide terroristic group. Every extreme group uses the name Al Qaida to impress the world. Fear is a tool to make the nation to believe in their leader, to protect them against evil.


Al-Rasub:     What will be or should but the outcome of Arab spring like moments ?


Frank Beuken:    To my opinion this isn’t an issue what will be solved in one or two years. Of course the expectations of the western world are probably the same as the people in the Arab world. We all hope that democracy is installed within a short time. That is the ideal world but unfortunately, reality is otherwise. People lived for over 30 years under suppression. Most of the people, survived by adapting them to the system. And for most families, the basic things are important: A home, a job, to be able to feed your family. Now everything is turned upside down. Suddenly the oppressor is gone. Security forces fell apart and people feel liberated. But then, reality of all day life comes around: Homes, jobs, feed the family etc. To be honest, I think it will take up to 30 years to have a full stable country again. Don’t forget; most people think the same way: Freedom. But still there are many groups who are still either supporting the former dictator or groups who want to take over control. Also these people need to be given a place in the new society. They cannot be ignored, as they are there. It will take a full generation before the whole consensus is a fact.


Al-Rasub:   What kind of lessons can be learned from Arab spring, especially in Muslim word.


Frank Beuken:   The revolutionaries must stay focused until the end. They have to stay alert until  a democratic constitution is established and protected.


Al-Rasub:    Tell us something about your Books and what inspires you to write a book ?


Frank Beuken:  With all the information and all the conversations I had with revolutionaries from Egypt, Tunisia and Libya I felt to do something. To write a book was a long time wish from my and what subject was better than the Arab Spring. What I did is I combined the protests in a novel. It is a story based on the Arab Spring. The reader will experience the protests in the streets, social behavior and to see a world which is so different than west Europe but so very much alike as well. After all, we are all human beings. This book is an ode to the young man, or the young girl in the middle of the freedom fights. The book is written in my language, Dutch, but soon it will be available in German and English. Inshallah soon in arab as well.


Al-Rasub:    What keep you busy during your free time?


Frank Beuken: Since August I started to write a new book. Again a novel in which east meets west. Still I talk a lot with people from “the arab spring” countries.


Al-Rasub:   What are your future projects on which you are working or you want to work?


Frank Beuken:   As said, my new book of course. Secondly, my wish for next year, is to meet the people I had contact with in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and Syria.


Al-Rasub:  Your message for our readers ?


Frank Beuken:  Believe in mankind. Stay focused and let’s unite because, we are in a far majority compare to small extremist groups who want to tell us how we have to live. So we can win and make this world a better place for all. Respect, dignity, peace and a future for all.




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Freedom versus Suppression

The television was loud and the man from Al Jazeera confirmed the news which was passing by below the screen: “GADDAFI FOUND”. Is this really true? I switch on my smart phone to find other sources. Yes, it is confirmed: Gaddafi is captured in Sirte and killed.

A typical reaction from many of us here in Europe: Why did they kill him? It was totally unneccessary. The captured him alive and he had to go in court to take responsibility for what he has done. Under normal circumstances I agree with this opinion but never underestimate the emotion of people close to freedom. I am against the death penalty but the quick death of Gaddafi was needed to prevent further bloodshed. As long as he was alive, the pro Gaddafi forces would continue to kill innocent people.

He decided to go back to the soil where he was born. He could go to the desert, he could go to certain loyal Touareg tribes who could hide him. He had enough money to frustrate the new government in Tripoli for years. Why did he go back to Sirte?

The problem with people with too much power are losing the sense of reality. No one will ever say no to them. Everything he says need to carried out. His word is Gods word. This is what they believe. And if a few people from Benghazi decide to start the first protests in the city on February 17th, it makes him mad as hell. How do they dare to stand up against me? How on earth will they say no to me? He is deeply offended and he only thinks about revenge. Did he see the danger of a possible revolution? No, I don’t think so. He just wanted to capture the few people and thought this would be it and he could continue to stay in power until his son Saif al Islam Gaddafi could  be the next dictator.

For the ones who followed the news on one the international news channels could see how Saif al Islam was profiling himself as the possible new leader. The one so kind man for the western world. The man who was believed the only one with a human touch was now becoming the beast himself. In fact all the Gaddafi’s were fighting for a possible follow-up of their father. No one saw reality or the possible danger. Just because the family lost every sense of reality.

The first thing what came to my mind, when I heard the freedom fighters found him in a hole in Sirte, was Saddam Hussein from Iraq. Also found in a hole. I have mentioned it months ago in another article. These dictators are copying the other. As if they have a manual in how to behave against the people who want freedom.

The west, where is a higher level of freedom, are cynical as ever. They raise questions like: What will happen next? Are radical Islamist groups taking over power? The same thing said with Tunisia and Egypt. Or do they wonder if huge oil contracts are secured? The NATO did a great deal of work supporting the freedom fighters by attacking Gaddafi targets all over the country. And yes, I believe the freedom fighters would have never come this far so soon without their help. We can only have respect for the determination of certain western countries to force the support to freedom of Libya.

The huge profit Libya has in contrary of Egypt or Tunisia is the lack of the old system. Nothing is left. No military elites, no corrupt police forces, no former Gaddafi supporters. Nothing. They can build up the country from scratch. The work will be tough but freedom in Libya with a democratic elected Government will come sooner than in any other country in the Arabic world.

Libya Al Hurra!


Massoud Abu Basr from Benghazi on guitar at Ajdabya

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In Memory of Mohammed Nabbous

Mohamed Nabbous from Benghazi, better known as Mo, died today in the hospital of the city.

He started Libya Al Hurra TV on February 17th with a webcam and chat livestream. I have followed him from the beginning. From the first day on he provided us with news and all latest updates. Yesterday I was still watching a video he made from the frontline near AjDabiya. This morning he was injured and brought to the hospital where he died this afternoon.What he said: “I am not afraid to die but I am afraid to lose the battle”.

Mo leaves behind his wife and an unborn child…

Mohamed M Nabbous Febr 27,1983 – Mar 19, 2011

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Al Jazeera in Tripoli

What is Al Jazeera doing? It occurred to me that the news channel  from Qatar shows many news updates from Libyan state television.

It all happened since a journalist of Al Jazeera is given permission to report from Tripoli.

Furthermore they have removed the update header: –Libya: Revolution– and replaced it with –Libya: Uprise–. What is the added value of having an employee in Tripoli? They can’t report objective news and everything is censored by the Gaddafi administration and in exchange they have to adjust other news from Libya as well.

My advise to Al Jazeera: “Remove your reporter from Tripoli and bring us the news what really matters.”


Our people chose to die in order to live…

Dr. Mahmoud Gebril Elwarfally: “Our people chose to die in order to live.”

Tuesday 08 March 2011 EP STRASBOURG Group Meeting with Guy Verhofstadt and representatives of Libyan opposition: Dr. Mahmoud Gebril Elwarfally, Head of the Crisis Committee.

The Gulf Co-operation Council agrees to install a no Fly zone over Libya and so does the Arab League. These 2 organisations do not have military power and therefore advised the UN and Nato to investigate the possible intervention. In the meeting of March 8 in Strasbourg Guy Verhofstadt stated: We were to weak in our statements to the revolutions in Africa and the Middle East. This is the first EU official who mentions the uprising as a revolution. This is the right term for these fights for freedom, dignity and democracy. The words of Dr. Mahmoud Gebril Elwarfally are and should be an eye opener for the UN to make a firm and unanimous statement towards the illegitimate government in Tripoli and to support the National Council in Benghazi. In Europe “we” have fought against fascism and “we” fought for freedom. Countries like Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and many more are doing exactly the same today. The EU must make a firm and clear statement towards all countries where people are being suppressed by dictators.

The Arab league has a good point by saying: The intervention should immediately cease when the crisis is over. This of course to avoid a situation like Iraq. A better definition of the word crisis in this statement is of importance; when Gaddafi steps down the no fly zone should be upheaved.

Gaddafi and his forces are moving forward to the east and the freedom fighters are pushed back to Benghazi and they are asking for support to make the this revolution to a success. If the no fly zone will not be installed today or tomorrow, it may be too late and the country might be under control by the dictator. You don’t want to know what will happen with all these brave people who believed in freedom…

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Time to go Gaddafi

Just now the news announces that negotiators from the Gaddafi administration went to Benghazi,the second largest city in Libya and a stronghold by the revolutionaries. The motivation for Gaddafi to stay as leader of the country dropped to zero. In the meanwhile opposition representatives are travelling to Cairo to tell the world about the massacres pledged by Gaddafi and his thugs. How many people have been killed in the last 2 weeks? Hospitals mention over 6000 victims. The cruelty of his 41 years suppression are slowly seeing daylight. The killing of his opponents,the underground prisons, the torturing of thousands of people.

The UN and he Arab league are  creating a legal amendment to install a no Fly zone because the interim government in Benghazi is requesting for this. The opposition troops and Gaddafi forces are equal strong now except Gaddafi has fighter jets who are by the way missing their target many times and I am sure this isn’t because the equipment and software on board isn’t working well but many pilots refusing to bomb the people.A few pilots are already executed not to follow orders so this is an alternative.

The demands of Gaddafi are: He will withdraw himself from the uprise and as the leader of Libya and in change for that he wants complete immunity for him and his family and loyalists.Furthermore he wants access to all his assets what can be about $130 billion or even more. The opposition leaders are discussing this now as it is for now the only option to stop the bloodshed. But will it stop if Gaddafi will get his luxury position? No,it will stop the massacres for now but what will be the impact on the long-term. With his loyalists around him and all his assets he might seek power again in a year or so. People like Gaddafi are mentally ill,they have tasted power and they are convinced the country and its people are his possession and he will never give up and nobody will ever know where all the missing people are and what happened to them.

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Fight over Libya

Since the revolution started in Africa and the Middle East there was no such  worldwide intervention as we see now in Libya. In Tunisia and Egypt the west made some statements about Ali and Mubarak to respect the peaceful protests and to make sure stability would stay. Today in Libya strong statements are made by the UN, Nato,EU and separate western countries like UK,France,Germany and even Russia has something to say. We didn’t hear the Arab League at all during protests in Egypt and Tunisia but now they have decided to agree with a no-Fly zone.

A no – fly zone is not just to make sure airplanes of the Libyan government will take off but as well dismantle runways,control towers etc. The only way to do this is to bomb from fighter jets which means automatically involvement in Libya’s war. When to revolutionaries are asking to install this no-Fly zone the other countries should agree on this but not before an official statement comes from the ground. Now,my first reaction is that a lot of people will die by a revenge of Gaddafi.But is he able to do so? When he and his mercenaries try to attack a town of city we hear that liberation troops defended the area and have re-taken the town in only a few hours. So the only powerful weapons Gadaffi has are his fighter jets.

It is difficult to predict when Gaddafi decides to step down. It can be in a week by foreign pressure or it can be months. The only way Gaddafi can be defeated is by the faith of the revolutionaries and the de-motivation of his troops. Day by day his allies become his enemies and it depends on this process how fast he will resign.

Only when  freedom fighters are asking for foreign military support it should be answered but give the Libyans their victory.Give them their revolution.

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