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The Contradiction of Kazakhstan

Until the 17th of December the riots in Kazakhstan only took place in the city of Zhanaozon but spread slowly all over the country. It is now Shetpe, not far from Zhanaozon where fights broke out. The police ordered to shoot the protestors to keep up the peace. Since Friday the first oil workers protested against mass releases of workers and labour circumstances for many others. The death toll is 12 after 2 days of protests.

In the 16th century Kazakhstan inhabited by several ethnic groups of nomads. In fact nobody noticed this country until the Soviet Union annexed the area with the size of West Europe. Joseph Stalin, the paranoia leader of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialists Republic) from 1941 till 1953 decided to move complete ethnic groups from the far east to the west of the Soviet Union  and vice versa. Kazakhstan became a home for Kazakhs, Russians,Uyghur,Ukrainians,Uzbeks,Tatars and Germans. 63 percent of the inhabitants are from Kazakhs origin. Now Kazakhstan has a great diversity of ethnic groups. In 1991 the country declared itself independent from the Soviet Union. The country ranked the 72nd place of the world economy.The capital moved from Alma-Ata in 1998 to Astana, the second largest city of Kazakhstan.

In 1999 the new government managed to make the country an important oil and gas exporter. Unfortunately the benefits are only for a small group of people. The majority of the nation still lives in poverty. It is Astana only what we see from Kazakhstan. The great new buildings, the huge sports complexes  and luxury cars. It is the élite group of friends of the president who profit from the economic boost.

The president Nursultan Nazarbayev ordered a three-week state of emergency to unleash extreme police force on the protestors. Internet and mobile phone traffic is unavailable since last Friday to prevent the young people to call for a nationwide protest via social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This action of the authorities is probably a turning point in the history of Kazakhstan. The bold action of the government challenges the people for harder reactions. It is only a matter of time before the majority of the nation awakens by the few protestors  nearby Astana. The first steps to freedom, dignity and a future are set. The freedom fights spread to Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


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