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Yulia Tymoshenko – Юлія Тимошенко

Yulia Timoshenko was tortured by her guards last week. Her daughter confirmed this when she met her mother  in prison. Yulia refuses to be treated for her Hernia by Ukrainian doctors. She is afraid to be poisoned. For the same reason she went on hunger-strike. The Ukrainian government refuses to let her go to Germany for treatment.

Yulia Tymoshenko was born on the 27th of November 1960 in Dnjepropetrovsk, Ukraine. As a succesful entrepreneur she and her husband Oleksandr focussed on government contracts with their company UPC (Ukrainian Petrol Corporation) after the independence of the nation in  1991. In December 1996 Yulia entered the national politics and was elected for the Ukrainian parliament. In November 1997 the accused her of smuggling $26.000  from Ukraine to Russia. The General Prosecutor asked the parliament to lift Yulia’s immunity. Her second victory came in late 1998 as number 6 on the party list Hromada. After the party leader Lazarenko fled to the United States to avoid prosecution in an embezzlement case, Yulia left the party among other members. She founded the All Ukrainians Union party.

From December 1999 till late 2001 she had different positions in politics and solved several corruption cases.Until 2005 she lead the Orange Revolution ( A pact against the establishment of  corrupt politicians). In the same year she became prime minister but due to several internal conflicts, the president Yushenko dismissed Tymoshenko’s government. In 2006 she was expected to become prime minister again from a broad coalition but conflicts resulted in a take over from  former communists party; Party of Regions and Yulia and her coalition were locked out from the parliament.The orange coalition collapsed and Viktor Yanukovich was elected with a majority of votes as new prime minister.

Yulia Tymoshenko failed many times to set up a firm government and in  2010 she candidates for presidency. In the second round she lost from Yanukovich. She disagreed on this and said on live television she will go to court to fight the outcome. Tymoshenko withdrew her appeal after the High Court rejected the investigation of the last elections. Yanukovich said an public apology from Tymoshenko would restore the unity of the parliament. Tymoshenko refused and this resulted in a conflict between them.

The General Prosecutor re-opened an old corruption case against Yulia Timoshenko and on December 20, 2010 she was officially charged of misusing funds for the Kyoto Protocol. Yulia denied all the accusations but was found guilty. She was ordered not to leave Kiev,the capital of Ukraine. Days after several old members of her former party were arrested and Yulia said the president started a witch hunt against her.

In January 2011 new corruption cases  opened against Timoshenko and in May 2011 she was found guilty on all charges. In August she was arrested and two months later she was sentenced to seven years in prison. In 2012 new accusations raised and she will probably get another 12 years in prison.

The president of Germany and the vice-chairwoman of the EU cancelled their trips to the Ukraine to protest against her treatment in prison. Hopefully more world leaders will do the same.

In June 2012 the European Championships Soccer will be held in Poland and the Ukraine. Qualifications for the finals will be held in Charkov. The city where Yulia is captured in prison. To my opinion, the UEFA organisation should withdraw the games from the Ukraine as long as she is in prison.


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Who is to Blame?

Still many people around the world have a problem with Germany due to the Second World War. Young generations in Germany blamed for something their grandparents did. How many jokes do exist all over the world about germans? Especially in West Europe. How often, young germans need to defend themselves in discussions about an era of horror? A discussion they don’t even want be  involved at but unfortunately they have no choice or else they are accused of Nazism.

From 1933 till 1945 the Nazis of Germany aimed for a totalitarian system and an empire that covers the world. The Third Reich (Realm or Empire). Adolf Hitler wanted to follow the footsteps of the Holy Roman Empire leaders from Germany, the First Reich. Not to confuse with the ancient Roman Empire. The Second Reich was the Hohenzollern Germany, installed after the Franco – Prussian war of 1870 till 1871. It was Arthur Muller van den Bruck who mentioned the Third Reich already in one of his books in 1923. Muller was probably a great example to Hitler. The Nazis brought an end to the Weimar Republic, a parliamentary democracy established in Germany after the First World War.

The Second World War became hell on earth. Hitler knew how to deal with the misery in Germany after World War I. He promised the nation jobs, a great economy and a powerful country with an important role in the world. This is exactly what he did but not as many had expected. Hitler wanted his Third Reich at all costs. He blamed the jews for the poverty of many germans. He had a strong frustration against these people for their successes in business. Jews always knew how to make money from nothing. They knew how to survive and how to take care of their families. For Hitler this was a good opportunity to put the blame on them and this made him popular by all these Germans living in a hopeless situation. After having his war machinery at a high level he conquered Europe in no time with his Blitzkrieg (Lighting war). The  European people suffered for five years long. Six million jews murdered as well over a million people of other groups like gipsies, polish but as well people with another beliefs. In these five years 47 million civilians died before the allied forces from the West and the East ended the bloodiest war the world has ever experienced.

The first postwar Chancellor of Germany, Konrad Adenauer realised in what situation Germany was in after the Third Reich collapsed. It was his duty to bring Germany back. To find a way to pay the debts and at the same time to increase the economy. The toughest job ever for a politician. He knew well what Hitler did in Europe and how many people suffered under this regime. It was the  4th Chancellor Willy Brandt who showed the pain and quilt from the German people and kneeled on december 7th 1970 for a monument in Poland for all the victims and cried. A turning point for many polish people. They believed the good intentions of this man. A new relation was born and thanks to the Marshall Plan,an aid program by the USA, to build a new Europe, people could start to look forward and to see future opportunities for them and their families.

The system of Germany was to work hard to build up the country and to understand what they have caused in Europe. New generations learned in schools what happened exactly in World War II and they learned to deal with it. They also learned to deal with the discriminatory feelings of other nations against them but they worked hard and since the millennium they are proud being German again. They wave their flags at big sports events and believe in what their country stands for. They have learned from the past and dealt with the guilt for many decades. Something many countries still didn’t do.

Two years after WWII, the Netherlands murdered many opponents in Indonesia, a colony until 1949 to reinstall the dutch monarchy after the Japanese left in 1945. Until today this history is still not mentioned in schoolbooks and the official apologies from the government came in 2011. Many generations in the Netherlands don’t know anything about this genocide. In England, children learn about the once so powerful United Kingdom and its pride but what do they know exactly about the cruelties the army caused in Ireland, Scotland and many countries overseas? Or Austria, a country what finds it hard to talk about their dictatorial era from 1933 till 1938. The chancellor Engelbert Dolfuss ruled the nation as a dictator until it was annexed by Nazi Germany. What about Italy? About ten years ago I drove down to Naples and at a gas station you could buy busts of Mussolini, a war criminal and friend of Hitler. We have many more examples about countries who are afraid until today to deal with the horrors their grandparents caused to millions of innocent people.

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The Contradiction of Kazakhstan

Until the 17th of December the riots in Kazakhstan only took place in the city of Zhanaozon but spread slowly all over the country. It is now Shetpe, not far from Zhanaozon where fights broke out. The police ordered to shoot the protestors to keep up the peace. Since Friday the first oil workers protested against mass releases of workers and labour circumstances for many others. The death toll is 12 after 2 days of protests.

In the 16th century Kazakhstan inhabited by several ethnic groups of nomads. In fact nobody noticed this country until the Soviet Union annexed the area with the size of West Europe. Joseph Stalin, the paranoia leader of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialists Republic) from 1941 till 1953 decided to move complete ethnic groups from the far east to the west of the Soviet Union  and vice versa. Kazakhstan became a home for Kazakhs, Russians,Uyghur,Ukrainians,Uzbeks,Tatars and Germans. 63 percent of the inhabitants are from Kazakhs origin. Now Kazakhstan has a great diversity of ethnic groups. In 1991 the country declared itself independent from the Soviet Union. The country ranked the 72nd place of the world economy.The capital moved from Alma-Ata in 1998 to Astana, the second largest city of Kazakhstan.

In 1999 the new government managed to make the country an important oil and gas exporter. Unfortunately the benefits are only for a small group of people. The majority of the nation still lives in poverty. It is Astana only what we see from Kazakhstan. The great new buildings, the huge sports complexes  and luxury cars. It is the élite group of friends of the president who profit from the economic boost.

The president Nursultan Nazarbayev ordered a three-week state of emergency to unleash extreme police force on the protestors. Internet and mobile phone traffic is unavailable since last Friday to prevent the young people to call for a nationwide protest via social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This action of the authorities is probably a turning point in the history of Kazakhstan. The bold action of the government challenges the people for harder reactions. It is only a matter of time before the majority of the nation awakens by the few protestors  nearby Astana. The first steps to freedom, dignity and a future are set. The freedom fights spread to Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

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The Russian Dream

Since the December 2011 elections  the russians awake from a deep sleep. The fact Putin mentioned his new presidential term in 2012 did not alarm the common people for a possible fraud. It are again the young ones making the nation aware of the possible danger in the biggest country of the world. A modern dictatorship without room for criticism.

In 1985 it was Mikhail Gorbachev taking over power in the Soviet Union. Whether the swift changes after Andropov and Chernenko were a set up  or not, it was time for change. The Party knew this and the best candidate was Gorbachev. A leader from the old system but with a new view on the future of Russia. The hierarchy system of the USSR did not allow Gorbachev to follow-up Leonid Brezhnev before Andropov and Chernenko. The last two names were either too old or simply eliminated to make place for change. Both of them were leader for a very short moment.

Mikhail Gorbachev came with new democratic definitions: Glasnost (freedom of information and freedom of speech) and Perestroijka (Restructuring). This made him more popular but he came from a conservative camp and wanted to introduce the modernisation step by step. Some other leader disagreed and searched a way to introduce reforms faster. Boris Yeltsin took over power when Gorbachev was on holidays at the Black Sea in 1987 by writing Gorbachev’s letter of resignation. In the end of 1999 Yeltsin surprisingly resigned himself and introduced Vladimir Putin as the new leader.

Vladimir Putin was popular with the nation because he showed a human face. He knew how to manipulate the media and the new dictator was a fact. He is not planning to leave anymore. Even if he has to trade places for president and prime minister for the rest of his life. Since 1999 the elections or fraudulent, fake and just a masquerade for the outside world.

The last weeks elections are a turning point. The young people of Russia, communicating via the internet because TV and Radio are in total control of the government. They mobilized since the 4th of December on the Red Square in Moscow. They demand change, fair elections, the resignation of the dictator, freedom and a future. Where did we hear this before?

Everyday the protests are growing and more people from Moscow and outside are coming to the capital to show their discontent. Putin ordered the young ones to go home and ordered security forces to arrest the young ones not willing to leave. Already 800 people are in custody. It is now a matter of time before the workers decide to join the young people in the streets and the revolution is a fact.

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