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Ahok: Victim of a new conservative Indonesia?

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, which is his real name, was convicted for insulting the Quran, by citing a verse at a rally for the citizens of Thousand Islands. September 27, 2016. Especially the FPI (Islamic Defenders Front, a conservative organisation, accused him of blasphemy.

@jokowi Dear mr President. How it is possible, a man like Ahok, can be convicted, in one of the largest democracies in the world?

Who is Ahok, and why several Islamic groups want him in prison? For that we need to go back to 2005. In this year, Basuki entered politics in his home region Belitung. He was elected with over 37% to become the new regent. In that time, one month after he entered office he manifested himself as a reformer. Move forward, leave the past of violence behind and develop a region of prosperity, without corruption, less bureaucracy, less traffic congestion and more job opportunities. He became quite successful, and he became popular by many.

In 2007 he resigned, and run for governor for Bangka- Belitung. The former president Abdurrahman Wahid convinced him to run for public office, and admired him for the healthcare reforms. Basuki was defeated by Eko Maulana Ali, supported by the FPI, as they never accept a Governor, from a minority population.

In 2009, Ahok became a member of the House of Representatives, for the Golkar party. In 2011, he made himself impopular to criticize the tin mining industry, for causing great environmental damage.  Youth NGO’s, supported by the FPI reported him the House of Ethics.

In that same year, he became the running mate of the current president of Indonesia, Jomo Widodo. In the second election round, they defeated governor Fauzi Bowo. Foke, as he is called by many, received a reprimand from his own Democratic Party, for joining a FPI event in 2010. He, and the Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General Pradopo East Pol, ate rice together with senior leaders of Habib Rizieq’s organization, at the FPI headquarters.

In 2014 when Joko Widodo took a temporary leave from his post as Jakarta governor to run for President, Basuki became the acting Governor of Jakarta from 1 June 2014. In November, that same year, Widodo became the 7th president of Indonesia, and Basuki was sworn in as the new governor of Jakarta. Since then, Basuki is a regular target by ultra- conservatives and rival candidates for being a non-muslim. Especially his minority background, made him a victim of the FPI. Several rallies were organised in the weeks of the inauguration of Basuki.

In 2016, Habib Rizieq, leader of the FPI says:  “If Jesus is the son of God, who is the midwife?” Which is, in fact blasphemy, but no one cared.

In 2017, 15 February, Basuki reached to the second round run-off between two candidates,Anies Baswedan and Agus Yudhoyono. As you might have guessed: Anies Baswedan, speeched in front of a rally, organised by the FPI. As well Agus Yudhoyon, was supported by his father, the former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyon who is,according to the media, behind the rally against Basuki, which started the accusations of blasphemy.

Strangely, on the day Basuki speeches, no one protested. A week later a video appeared, and protests begun. According to the national and international press, the video was manipulated.

It 2017, it seems the FPI finally succeeded to defeat Basuki….


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Lying cop comes clean

A former cop who claims he lied to get more than 100 court convictions is prepared to face his demons and go to jail for his deceit.

Patrick O’Brien, a police officer between 1971 and 1978, acted as an agent provocateur, in order to obtain drug convictions against a number of targets, while working undercover for the CIB. He was even praised for the multiple convictions he obtained while undercover.Now police are investigating O’Brien and have contacted some of those wrongly imprisoned because of his lies.

Detective Inspector Bruce Scott wrote to O’Brien last month, updating him on where the inquiry was at.

“Enquiries have been made with people you interacted with in Hamilton, who live in New Zealand and Australia,” Inspector Scott said in the letter.

“The enquiry is now at a stage where I probably need to talk to you (about the allegations of perjury).”


By Julian Crawford/Pic: O’Brien in 2011

The investigation began in 2007, after he wrote to Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias admitting he lied under oath in “every case and on every charge” to obtain convictions against about 300 targets in the Waikato.

“With one exception, the jury in every case returned guilty verdicts on all charges, and most defendants were sentenced to periods of imprisonment,” O’Brien told Truth.

“Telling lies was easy, and my targets never stood a chance. To effect my lies, it was first necessary to deceive my operators.

“In reality I answered to the men who trained me and on whose orders I obtained these convictions. They called it ‘doomsday’ work and instructed me to take this dreadful secret to the grave.”

O’Brien said he was the Crown’s principal witness in a series of High Court drug trials, presided over by Judge Sir David Beattie.

The highly respected judge even commended O’Brien for his good work. “I was so impressed with the standards this man had set himself, the risks he had run and the results he achieved,” Sir David said in 1986.

“Unflinching in the face of sustained attacks on his truthfulness by all defence teams, Constable O’Brien’s manner when presenting evidence ensured that juries accepted him as credible.”

However, the judge was unaware that O’Brien’s credibility and good results were all based on deception.

“For more than 30 years I have carried a dreadful secret. In every case, and on every charge I lied to Sir David and I lied to his juries,” O’Brien said.

“Eventually the work broke me. Haunted, traumatised and scared, I resigned from the police and fled New Zealand.

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Letter from Yulia Tymoshenko to the world

Yulia Tymoshenko urges supporters to end hunger strikes

pr_b3460.jpgI would like to thank all the democratic leaders, heads of the European Union and the European People’s Party, Ukrainian diaspora, human rights activists and civil society institutionsl around the world, and foreign diplomats in Ukraine for strongly and unanimously standing in defense of Ukraine from Yanukovych’s authoritarian regime, in defense of priceless freedom, human rights and true values.
Our country is in danger and the situation is getting worse every day. Ukraine has been captured by several clans, who are seizing its financial and material resources, building dictatorship. Ukraine must be rescued urgently using the most effective and radical measures, before it’s too late!

There may simply be no more fair elections in Ukraine. The Ukrainian people can’t take on this strong, cynical and cruel enemy on its own. I ask the entire democratic world in this historical moment for Ukraine to join efforts with civil society, the opposition and the people of Ukraine to defend a free, democratic and European Ukraine – before it’s too late, because we’re one step away from the point of no return.

I would also like to thank all the people, all my supporters, that have gone on a hunger strike as a sign of solidarity with me. But I urge them to not risk their health, to not take on this difficult challenge, because I personally know how difficult every day and every hour is when you’re not eating, how much spiritual and physical strength it takes from you. I ask you to end your hunger strike! I know even without such difficult self sacrifice that you are dedicated to our idea and our struggle, and that there is no force that can break you. But don’t ruin your health.

I thank everyone who is praying for Ukraine, for our people, for my fate and health. I am grateful to everyone who is supporting me in this difficult moment, who stands in protest outside the prison, courts, Pechersk court, SIZO, who is with me and Ukraine with their soul. I love you and believe that we will ultimately be able to change everything, that our efforts aren’t in vain in this difficult time. Faith and hard work will change everything for the better.

Yulia Tymoshenko
Kachanivska prison, Kharkiv
May 7, 2012

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Patrick O’Brien – Journey to Hell

About (7).

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Unfair tax exemption electric car?

Hybrid vehicles have failed to meet the environmental standards according to several investigations. Many studies prove that we are not going in the right direction. See Polluting hybrid and electric vehicles. After a brief investigation it occurs that new electric cars are not as clean as claimed.

The electric motor, with the LIB-batteries (lithium-ion), is a response to the demands of governments to reduce CO2 emissions. Of 140 grams of CO2 per kilometer in 2011 and 120 grams of CO2 in 2012. According to the manufacturers the electric car meet the standard. They also claim to meet the standard of 2025, 70 grams of CO2. The consumer is told a 0.0 g of CO2 emission.

Citroen C-Zero and Mitsubishi i-MiEV is the latest development from manufacturers with a clear message to consumers; the CO2 emissions of these vehicles is 0.0 grams of CO2. In other words, the owner of this car supports the environment, driving without CO2 emission . Please drive often in the untaxed car because you get the feeling to drive as clean as riding a bicycle.

However, to generate energy for the electric car to roll with power from the socket isn’t that clean . Where conventional vehicles with combustion engines go to the gas station, it is the electric car filling at home. Connect the plug into the socket and a couple of hours later you can drive again. This eventually must be reduced to 20 minutes.

The European Union will build new charcoal plants to meet the increased demand of the consumers. The development of the EU and less dependent on “foreign power”. The future on the road with only electric cars will generate a greater need for electricity power.

Charcoal plant               ==>      40%  ==>  Transport        ==>            35%  ==>     Consumer

Based on the above images it is clear, the efficiency of current charcoal combustion is “only” 40 percent.  As many as 65 percent is lost again during the transport of electricity through power lines before it reaches the consumer.

A simple calculation prove only 16 percent “power socket” remains since it was generated at the charcoal plant . These figures are supported by World Nuclear Association. To determine the CO2 emissions of generating electricity and transport, we calculate in Kilo Watt hours (kWh). A charcoal plant can emit up to 350 g CO2 per kWh electricity generated emissions, the report said. The result is 2187.5 grams of CO2 per kWh for the consumer.

The power consumption of the Citroen C – Zero and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV is 13, 5 kWh per hundred kilometers. This is the consumption of most new electric cars in this class. Per kilometer driven  the electric car consumes 295.31 grams of CO2. The legal standard for 2012 was set at 120 grams of CO2 ….

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