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The Revolution of Romania

Since Monday January 16, 2012 Romanians took the streets of Bucharest and several other cities across the nation. TheyJanuary 16 2012 Romania demand the resignation of the president Traian Basescu and his coalition of PM Emil Boc. This government took hard measures to meet the International Monetary Fund standards. The last controversial act is the privatisation of the healthcare system. Which force more Romanians into poverty. After the first protests the deputy health minister quit and the government withdrew the healthcare plan. According to the protestors it is too late and they demand the resignation of the complete government.

If one country in Europe know how to get rid of their oppressors it is Romania for sure. In December 1989 the people overthrew the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena. They achieved to liberate the country within a short time. A country which soaked from Securitate. One on each 5 men served in this government secret services. A lot of freedom fighters had to take huge risks. Nobody was sure about his neighbour. Was he on the wrong or right site?

On December 16,1989  mass protests  in Timişoara and other cities started when the government tried to evict, pastor László Tőkés. A dissident on the border with Hungary. On the morning of December 21st, Ceausescu speeches for a 100.000 workers to show his ongoing popularity. Only eight minutes after he had begun, people in the back rowes started chanting: Timişoara! Timişoara! Within minutes the 100.000 people were chanting all together and took control of the Revolution Square in the centre of Bucharest. In a last attempt, Ceausescu promised the workers a pay raise but it was too late.

On December 22, 1989 in the early morning, the Ceausescus were fleeing by helicopter but the pilot faked engine trouble and they landed in a field outside the capital. They were captured and brought back to the city. A quickly arranged tribunal accused the dictator of mass murder and other severe verdicts and sentenced him to death. On first christmas day Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu were shot by a firing squad. Until December 25 over 1100 people were killed.

The new protests of 2012 are a clear sign to the government. Either meet the demands of the people or resign. No compromising. Any oppression will be answered with huge protests in a country who has proven their strength. If the protestors can overthrow Ceausescu they can for sure take back the country at any time.



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