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The Netherlands has a mentality to quickly forget old heroes. They must have done really something exceptional before their name is in eternity. In countries around us, the hero  is always recognized on the street and people don’t hesitate to approach.

In cycling, there are a number of  famous Dutch  names: Zoetemelk, Jansen, Wagtmans, Breukink, Van Poppel and so on.

Upon hearing the name Gerben Karstens will remind some people of  the sixties and seventies. An era the Netherlands had big names in cycling. Most of us, especially the younger generation, these names mean nothing. Only those who are well committed with sports.

On the list of most stages won in La Vuelta (Tour of Spain), Karstens is still in on seventh place. He has won several stages in the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France. One of the greatest victories is for sure in the Tour de France, the arrival on the Champs Elysees. A video, available on the website you can see how he accelerates in gear. This was his secret weapon and nobody ever did the same. With huge speed you see him riding away and is first crossing the finish line.

Many old cyclist will never forget him. As serious as the riders are now in the grand tours Gerben was a clown.
A road pylon he picked up and used it as a megaphone. To climb on the back of his team mate will riding. The most famous act from Gerben is his escape from the peloton. After a solo ride of 2 miles he hid himself in an old barn. The peloton worried as they thought he was long gone. The group accelerated to chase Gerben. Nobody noticed Gerben joining the back of the peloton.
Through his achievements and his character a website is created for a great sportsman. Take a peek into the past and get carried away with great highlights of a cycling career.

Official website Gerben Karstens


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