Polluting Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

If you believe the commercials we will have no more CO2 emissions on the roads. No one would even mind living near a highway. You do not have to cough each time you open your balcony door and not to cope with engine noise anymore. Isn’t that wonderful? Last year I went with my family one day at the Zoo and when entering the parking lot I could see a free spot. I parked my petrol car and before we get out I see a sign: “Only for hybrid vehicles”. Look, that’s a nice service of the zoo. Thus, you are encouraged to buy a clean car. It took another ten minutes before I had parked our car.

But how clean is such a hybrid or electric car really? The hybrid car has a small combustion engine that becomes active when the batteries are low or when the accelerator is pressed significantly. For example, on the highway.  Therefore, you create a higher fuel consumption and  therefore emissions no longer meet your expectations. The later version is able to activate the battery to smooth out these high rotations.Yes, I admit, in the town it is very quiet and emission is 0.0. Be careful of pedestrians and cyclists though. They might not hear you coming.

I’ve had the pleasure  to drive in a 100% electric car. The car is completely silent and you think: “It can’t get cleaner? One drawback I found when you release the gas. The car reduces immediately.” On a small road near Utrecht, I had the release gas release for some cyclists. I drove less than two meters behind them but they didn’t hear me. Shall I just honk the horn? No, I am a social guy and before you know they run en mass from the road. Why don’t these cars have funny ringtones? You can decide if you have a standard sound or that of a Formula 1 car. Ah thank God! One has seen me. After their astonishing looks they mad way. Somewhat embarrassed, I slowly passed. Let’s hope I will not meet them again on my return.

Back to beginning. Is a hybrid or electric car really much cleaner? The owner of the car can say: I have an environment friendly car. But if we were looking at the process. Lets take the Prius as an example. The huge amount of batteries that these cars need are produced in Canada. Personally I would not want to live in the vicinity of that plant. Then the logistics of the batteries to the factories of Toyota. Large ships and trucks. Production of the cars is perhaps the least polluting. Watch the video Toyota Life Cycle of Prius and consider if Al Gore has the right intentions.

And what happens to the hybrid and electric cars when they are depreciated? Where do they leave all these batteries? It is certain that at least 5% of the battery can’t be recycled. So it must be stored somewhere. Underground or on the bottom of the ocean? The current hybrid or electric car owners is not even the worst. What if we all drive such a car?

Conclusion: A new clean diesel car is probably over the whole line a lot cleaner than hybrid or electric car.

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