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The End of the World

In December 2012 the Mayan Calendar comes to an end. After 12.000 years there is no next day. The end of the world as many say.  Since many years, scientists are searching for the right place to be at on the last month of this year. The safest place on earth. Some say it is Africa, others say it is in Asia. We are doomed. December 2011 was the last new years eve. The last Christmas. There is no 2013. Is this really the case?  Or do we have certain doom thinkers in our midst. People who feel the need to give us fear.

Who are these people to tell about the complete destruction of our planet?  What moves these men to convince us from the bad times we are going to meet. Based on what knowledge? Does it mean that all the uprisings and revolutions in the Arab world are of no use? Or the Slavic Spring, which is happening today as well. Russia, Hungary, Slovenia and Romania. All people united to take back what was stolen from us. Freedom and Dignity. Is it a waste of time or the beginning of a new era?

With the millennium we entered the Aquarius Era. After more than 2100 years we arrived in a time of consciousness. Combined with the end of a 12.000 year old era we are definitely going to see total change. A time to stand up and to realise we let our leaders controlling us way too long. We followed like dependent sheep. Like slaves. The last convulsions of these policy makers are sending fear among us. Climate disasters and Global terrorist attacks. Governments are using their last efforts to get us back in line.

The uprising in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The occupy movements all over America and Europe.  Never in history it was on such a large-scale as it is today. Never ever so many nations are united to show their leaders that we don’t take it anymore.  The time has come. To give back the world to its people.

A turning point: Welcome to a new world. Welcome to our world.



The Revolution of Romania

Since Monday January 16, 2012 Romanians took the streets of Bucharest and several other cities across the nation. TheyJanuary 16 2012 Romania demand the resignation of the president Traian Basescu and his coalition of PM Emil Boc. This government took hard measures to meet the International Monetary Fund standards. The last controversial act is the privatisation of the healthcare system. Which force more Romanians into poverty. After the first protests the deputy health minister quit and the government withdrew the healthcare plan. According to the protestors it is too late and they demand the resignation of the complete government.

If one country in Europe know how to get rid of their oppressors it is Romania for sure. In December 1989 the people overthrew the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena. They achieved to liberate the country within a short time. A country which soaked from Securitate. One on each 5 men served in this government secret services. A lot of freedom fighters had to take huge risks. Nobody was sure about his neighbour. Was he on the wrong or right site?

On December 16,1989  mass protests  in Timişoara and other cities started when the government tried to evict, pastor László Tőkés. A dissident on the border with Hungary. On the morning of December 21st, Ceausescu speeches for a 100.000 workers to show his ongoing popularity. Only eight minutes after he had begun, people in the back rowes started chanting: Timişoara! Timişoara! Within minutes the 100.000 people were chanting all together and took control of the Revolution Square in the centre of Bucharest. In a last attempt, Ceausescu promised the workers a pay raise but it was too late.

On December 22, 1989 in the early morning, the Ceausescus were fleeing by helicopter but the pilot faked engine trouble and they landed in a field outside the capital. They were captured and brought back to the city. A quickly arranged tribunal accused the dictator of mass murder and other severe verdicts and sentenced him to death. On first christmas day Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu were shot by a firing squad. Until December 25 over 1100 people were killed.

The new protests of 2012 are a clear sign to the government. Either meet the demands of the people or resign. No compromising. Any oppression will be answered with huge protests in a country who has proven their strength. If the protestors can overthrow Ceausescu they can for sure take back the country at any time.


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Curaçao and the Shell heritage

In 1985, Royal Dutch Shell sold its refinery in the port of Curaçao to the former government of the island. For the symbolic amount of one guilder. The refinery was outdated and no longer met the current environmental standards. The legacy for Curaçao is a very outdated facility and a huge asphalt lake. The Dutch government, then a co-owner of Shell, puts pressure on the government of Curaçao to either dismantle the refinery or a clear plan for the future.

Curacao’s history dates back to about 3000 BC. Rock paintings and artifacts show that the island was already inhabited. The Spaniard Alonso de Ojeda was the first Western discoverer who set foot on Curaçao in 1499. The original inhabitants, the Caquetio, were expelled and the island transformed into a major agricultural and livestock project. Large numbers of sheep, cows, horses and pigs shipped from Spain and its colonies to the Caribbean island.

In 1634 the Spaniard surrendered after being defeated by the Dutch. The West India Company saw a perfect base for the supply of slaves from Africa. Several attempts by the Spaniards to retake the island ended to nothing. In 1791 the island was officially a Dutch colony. Since 2010 Curaçao is an autonomous state within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Since the eighties a few corrupt politicians agreed to acquire the refinery, Since then the island is doomed to his downfall. With the approval of the Netherlands, Shell could dump its garbage for just one guilder. This saved the company probably millions of dollars in remediation costs. These costs now fully reside with the island government. The Netherlands puts pressure on Curaçao to come up with concrete plans for the near future without a financial aid fund to support the island. Every day of delay affects the entire ecological and economic system of Curaçao.

As long as there are no clear guidelines for the refinery it can have major implications for the future of the population. A magnificent example of Dutch shear politics.

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Who is to Blame?

Still many people around the world have a problem with Germany due to the Second World War. Young generations in Germany blamed for something their grandparents did. How many jokes do exist all over the world about germans? Especially in West Europe. How often, young germans need to defend themselves in discussions about an era of horror? A discussion they don’t even want be  involved at but unfortunately they have no choice or else they are accused of Nazism.

From 1933 till 1945 the Nazis of Germany aimed for a totalitarian system and an empire that covers the world. The Third Reich (Realm or Empire). Adolf Hitler wanted to follow the footsteps of the Holy Roman Empire leaders from Germany, the First Reich. Not to confuse with the ancient Roman Empire. The Second Reich was the Hohenzollern Germany, installed after the Franco – Prussian war of 1870 till 1871. It was Arthur Muller van den Bruck who mentioned the Third Reich already in one of his books in 1923. Muller was probably a great example to Hitler. The Nazis brought an end to the Weimar Republic, a parliamentary democracy established in Germany after the First World War.

The Second World War became hell on earth. Hitler knew how to deal with the misery in Germany after World War I. He promised the nation jobs, a great economy and a powerful country with an important role in the world. This is exactly what he did but not as many had expected. Hitler wanted his Third Reich at all costs. He blamed the jews for the poverty of many germans. He had a strong frustration against these people for their successes in business. Jews always knew how to make money from nothing. They knew how to survive and how to take care of their families. For Hitler this was a good opportunity to put the blame on them and this made him popular by all these Germans living in a hopeless situation. After having his war machinery at a high level he conquered Europe in no time with his Blitzkrieg (Lighting war). The  European people suffered for five years long. Six million jews murdered as well over a million people of other groups like gipsies, polish but as well people with another beliefs. In these five years 47 million civilians died before the allied forces from the West and the East ended the bloodiest war the world has ever experienced.

The first postwar Chancellor of Germany, Konrad Adenauer realised in what situation Germany was in after the Third Reich collapsed. It was his duty to bring Germany back. To find a way to pay the debts and at the same time to increase the economy. The toughest job ever for a politician. He knew well what Hitler did in Europe and how many people suffered under this regime. It was the  4th Chancellor Willy Brandt who showed the pain and quilt from the German people and kneeled on december 7th 1970 for a monument in Poland for all the victims and cried. A turning point for many polish people. They believed the good intentions of this man. A new relation was born and thanks to the Marshall Plan,an aid program by the USA, to build a new Europe, people could start to look forward and to see future opportunities for them and their families.

The system of Germany was to work hard to build up the country and to understand what they have caused in Europe. New generations learned in schools what happened exactly in World War II and they learned to deal with it. They also learned to deal with the discriminatory feelings of other nations against them but they worked hard and since the millennium they are proud being German again. They wave their flags at big sports events and believe in what their country stands for. They have learned from the past and dealt with the guilt for many decades. Something many countries still didn’t do.

Two years after WWII, the Netherlands murdered many opponents in Indonesia, a colony until 1949 to reinstall the dutch monarchy after the Japanese left in 1945. Until today this history is still not mentioned in schoolbooks and the official apologies from the government came in 2011. Many generations in the Netherlands don’t know anything about this genocide. In England, children learn about the once so powerful United Kingdom and its pride but what do they know exactly about the cruelties the army caused in Ireland, Scotland and many countries overseas? Or Austria, a country what finds it hard to talk about their dictatorial era from 1933 till 1938. The chancellor Engelbert Dolfuss ruled the nation as a dictator until it was annexed by Nazi Germany. What about Italy? About ten years ago I drove down to Naples and at a gas station you could buy busts of Mussolini, a war criminal and friend of Hitler. We have many more examples about countries who are afraid until today to deal with the horrors their grandparents caused to millions of innocent people.

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Turning point of civilisation

Silk Routes


A long time ago when in Europe there was nothing but a bunch of savage people, in Asia,The Middle East, Mediterranean and North East Africa there was a great civilization with a healthy trading economy and rich culture.

The first crusades started in the 11th century lead by the Franks and the holy Roman Empire. They overruled many islamic countries in the east and started to terrorize these nations,steal their possessions and their knowledge leaving these countries behind in poverty.

The silk routes started mainly in south east Asia with China as the center.

Now the economy of China and India is growing fast and the West is trying to control this growth by forcing these nations to play by their rules but they have learned from the past. The new Silky Road goes from China,India to Africa.

In the north of Africa people are fighting for their freedom and improvement of life.

Their economies,in the near future, will grow faster than the West what will be a turning point of civilization. Maybe in a number of decades,Europe and the US will be far behind.

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