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We are sorry for all we did to the Palestinians

By Channel4 News


The truth about Israel’s invasion of Gaza …


Israeli soldiers confess that they were told to “cleanse” Gaza, to “put a shell in every house” indiscriminately, and even to shoot chickens with machine guns. Their use of force was to be “disproportionate” and indeed the “war” was a massacre, with 1,400 Palestinian deaths to 13 Israeli deaths. One soldier says, “We entered the city shooting like crazy. None of us knew what we were shooting at.” Another soldier says, “It sounds terrible to say ‘cleanse’ but those were the orders.”


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“I destroyed their homes but they bought me a plasma TV…”


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Who is to Blame?

Still many people around the world have a problem with Germany due to the Second World War. Young generations in Germany blamed for something their grandparents did. How many jokes do exist all over the world about germans? Especially in West Europe. How often, young germans need to defend themselves in discussions about an era of horror? A discussion they don’t even want be  involved at but unfortunately they have no choice or else they are accused of Nazism.

From 1933 till 1945 the Nazis of Germany aimed for a totalitarian system and an empire that covers the world. The Third Reich (Realm or Empire). Adolf Hitler wanted to follow the footsteps of the Holy Roman Empire leaders from Germany, the First Reich. Not to confuse with the ancient Roman Empire. The Second Reich was the Hohenzollern Germany, installed after the Franco – Prussian war of 1870 till 1871. It was Arthur Muller van den Bruck who mentioned the Third Reich already in one of his books in 1923. Muller was probably a great example to Hitler. The Nazis brought an end to the Weimar Republic, a parliamentary democracy established in Germany after the First World War.

The Second World War became hell on earth. Hitler knew how to deal with the misery in Germany after World War I. He promised the nation jobs, a great economy and a powerful country with an important role in the world. This is exactly what he did but not as many had expected. Hitler wanted his Third Reich at all costs. He blamed the jews for the poverty of many germans. He had a strong frustration against these people for their successes in business. Jews always knew how to make money from nothing. They knew how to survive and how to take care of their families. For Hitler this was a good opportunity to put the blame on them and this made him popular by all these Germans living in a hopeless situation. After having his war machinery at a high level he conquered Europe in no time with his Blitzkrieg (Lighting war). The  European people suffered for five years long. Six million jews murdered as well over a million people of other groups like gipsies, polish but as well people with another beliefs. In these five years 47 million civilians died before the allied forces from the West and the East ended the bloodiest war the world has ever experienced.

The first postwar Chancellor of Germany, Konrad Adenauer realised in what situation Germany was in after the Third Reich collapsed. It was his duty to bring Germany back. To find a way to pay the debts and at the same time to increase the economy. The toughest job ever for a politician. He knew well what Hitler did in Europe and how many people suffered under this regime. It was the  4th Chancellor Willy Brandt who showed the pain and quilt from the German people and kneeled on december 7th 1970 for a monument in Poland for all the victims and cried. A turning point for many polish people. They believed the good intentions of this man. A new relation was born and thanks to the Marshall Plan,an aid program by the USA, to build a new Europe, people could start to look forward and to see future opportunities for them and their families.

The system of Germany was to work hard to build up the country and to understand what they have caused in Europe. New generations learned in schools what happened exactly in World War II and they learned to deal with it. They also learned to deal with the discriminatory feelings of other nations against them but they worked hard and since the millennium they are proud being German again. They wave their flags at big sports events and believe in what their country stands for. They have learned from the past and dealt with the guilt for many decades. Something many countries still didn’t do.

Two years after WWII, the Netherlands murdered many opponents in Indonesia, a colony until 1949 to reinstall the dutch monarchy after the Japanese left in 1945. Until today this history is still not mentioned in schoolbooks and the official apologies from the government came in 2011. Many generations in the Netherlands don’t know anything about this genocide. In England, children learn about the once so powerful United Kingdom and its pride but what do they know exactly about the cruelties the army caused in Ireland, Scotland and many countries overseas? Or Austria, a country what finds it hard to talk about their dictatorial era from 1933 till 1938. The chancellor Engelbert Dolfuss ruled the nation as a dictator until it was annexed by Nazi Germany. What about Italy? About ten years ago I drove down to Naples and at a gas station you could buy busts of Mussolini, a war criminal and friend of Hitler. We have many more examples about countries who are afraid until today to deal with the horrors their grandparents caused to millions of innocent people.

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Free Human Rights Defender Zainab Al-Khawaja

Zainab Al-Khawaja is a 28-years-old member of Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, famous human rights blogger as @angryarabia and a mother of 2-years-old girl from Bahrain.

On 15 December 2011, Zainab was arrested by Bahraini security forces from a roundabout on Budaiya highway, west of capital city Manama where she was taking part in a peaceful-sit-in-protest. The security forces responded with firing tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the protest, while Zainab continued the sit-in before the police moved in to rough her up.  She was arrested, handcuffed, assaulted and punched in her back by the police officer as she was forcibly dragged off into custody.  She, as well as another woman Masooma Al-Sayed were then taken to the police station.

Zainab is a mother of a two-year-old child, whose husband Wafi Al-Majed is in prison along with her father, Bahrain’s most prominent political activist and human rights defender, Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja who was imprisoned for life in June by special military court.
Zainab faces grave danger and is at risk of being tortured, as the regime has systematically attacked human rights defenders, health workers and professionals who are speaking up against the repression and human rights abuses.
We condemn ill-treatment of Zainab Al-Khawaja in public in the strongest possible terms, and arbitrary detention and demand the authorities to release her and Masooma Al-Sayed immediately and unconditionally.
We ask all concerned people to take immediate and urgent action in support of Zainab Al-Khawaja and Masooma Al-Sayed.

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Turkey, Syria and the United Nations

As predicted the United Nations could not anonymously vote for a new resolution to prevent Bashir Al- Assad, the president of Syria, by continuously killing the people demonstrating for freedom.Article 41 was first meant to firmly condemn the Syrian government for their violence against innocent and unarmed people. The United Nations council removed most of the elements from this article to convince all the members to vote for this resolution.

China and Russia used their veto against the resolution, Article 41. Abstention: India, South Africa, Brazil and Lebanon. Even though the article 41 only has a request to Assad to stop all violence against its people and to give entrance to the international press. Why did China and Russia use their veto? A simple answer is their own fear to be condemned one day by the United Nations themselves for not respecting human rights.

Of course the United States of America  were deeply offended by the decision  of the  Russians and  the Chinese governments not willing to support a firm statement against Syria. An old biblical saying: “Let the one without sin, cast the first stone.” The USA vetoed 50 times on every resolution against Israel since 1945. Even if it was only to condemn Israel for their cruel actions in Palestine. Last year the Barack Obama administration vetoed the first time since he became the new president of the USA. Who said Obama will change many things? I think we all did.

Since the fall of Mubarak from Egypt, Turkey raised up its power in the region.                                                                                 They try to interfere in the Egyptian development for a new democracy as they are the only country with a democratic system in the Islāmic world. The economic crisis in the USA and Europe makes Turkey a very strong and powerful negotiator in the area. The nation’s economy is better than ever and the war on Kurdistan has begun. The eyes of the world focussed on Libya and Syria which gives Turkey the opportunity to attack Kurdish groups like the PKK and the PUK  in Turkey but in Iraq as well. It is a serious invasion in its neighboring country and not just incidents.

Syria on his turn has provoked Turkey several times by crossing the border on the north side, close to Jisr al-Shughour and Aleppo. As it happens , Kurdistan is also covering parts of Syria.  Without being too philosophical, I think Turkey will invade Syria within the coming time. The NATO still has smoking war machines from the liberation of Libya and a huge economic crisis to further support a possible invasion in Syria. Turkey however has a good and stable economy, a strong and well trained military force, export interests in Syria which are a substantial part of Turkey’s welfare, and the will to recommend and carry out democracies around the Arabic world and above all a trusted partner of many western countries.

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Freedom versus Suppression

The television was loud and the man from Al Jazeera confirmed the news which was passing by below the screen: “GADDAFI FOUND”. Is this really true? I switch on my smart phone to find other sources. Yes, it is confirmed: Gaddafi is captured in Sirte and killed.

A typical reaction from many of us here in Europe: Why did they kill him? It was totally unneccessary. The captured him alive and he had to go in court to take responsibility for what he has done. Under normal circumstances I agree with this opinion but never underestimate the emotion of people close to freedom. I am against the death penalty but the quick death of Gaddafi was needed to prevent further bloodshed. As long as he was alive, the pro Gaddafi forces would continue to kill innocent people.

He decided to go back to the soil where he was born. He could go to the desert, he could go to certain loyal Touareg tribes who could hide him. He had enough money to frustrate the new government in Tripoli for years. Why did he go back to Sirte?

The problem with people with too much power are losing the sense of reality. No one will ever say no to them. Everything he says need to carried out. His word is Gods word. This is what they believe. And if a few people from Benghazi decide to start the first protests in the city on February 17th, it makes him mad as hell. How do they dare to stand up against me? How on earth will they say no to me? He is deeply offended and he only thinks about revenge. Did he see the danger of a possible revolution? No, I don’t think so. He just wanted to capture the few people and thought this would be it and he could continue to stay in power until his son Saif al Islam Gaddafi could  be the next dictator.

For the ones who followed the news on one the international news channels could see how Saif al Islam was profiling himself as the possible new leader. The one so kind man for the western world. The man who was believed the only one with a human touch was now becoming the beast himself. In fact all the Gaddafi’s were fighting for a possible follow-up of their father. No one saw reality or the possible danger. Just because the family lost every sense of reality.

The first thing what came to my mind, when I heard the freedom fighters found him in a hole in Sirte, was Saddam Hussein from Iraq. Also found in a hole. I have mentioned it months ago in another article. These dictators are copying the other. As if they have a manual in how to behave against the people who want freedom.

The west, where is a higher level of freedom, are cynical as ever. They raise questions like: What will happen next? Are radical Islamist groups taking over power? The same thing said with Tunisia and Egypt. Or do they wonder if huge oil contracts are secured? The NATO did a great deal of work supporting the freedom fighters by attacking Gaddafi targets all over the country. And yes, I believe the freedom fighters would have never come this far so soon without their help. We can only have respect for the determination of certain western countries to force the support to freedom of Libya.

The huge profit Libya has in contrary of Egypt or Tunisia is the lack of the old system. Nothing is left. No military elites, no corrupt police forces, no former Gaddafi supporters. Nothing. They can build up the country from scratch. The work will be tough but freedom in Libya with a democratic elected Government will come sooner than in any other country in the Arabic world.

Libya Al Hurra!


Massoud Abu Basr from Benghazi on guitar at Ajdabya

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The Syrian Revolution

Syria became independent under a French mandate in 1946. Officially as a parliamentary republic based on democratic values. Before this year, the country suffered under many of military coups.

Not different from Algeria,Egypt and Tunisia, an emergency law was in place to undermine the constitution.Syria maintained this law from 1962 till 2011 when the current president Bashar Al Assad, lifted the law under pressure of new protests.

Al Assad preceded his father Hafez Al Assad in 2000. His father was president since 1971.The Assads belong to the minority group of Allawites and most of the important government jobs were given to the members of fore mentioned group.

The darkest pages of modern Syria are the attack on the city of Hama in 1982. The Muslim Brotherhood, in that time a very powerful group rejected the values of the Baath party. The party of the Assads.The president sent paramilitary forces into the city to kill 10.000 till 20.00 civilians including women, children, and elderly.The single deadliest attack in modern Arab world.

On March 15  the first real protests started in the city of Dara’a after children were captured by the security forces. They were accused of using anti – propaganda against the government. But since January 26th several demonstrations reported across the country. The children, young boys and girls at the age of 10 till 16 years old taken into custody and brutally tortured and raped. Last week the body of a 13-year-old boy was given back to his family. Not so much to please the parents but as a brutal warning for other people, if they ever consider to stand up against the government. The boy was so heavily tortured, it was hard to identify th body. From shot wounds,cut off fingers and genitals,burn marks,and hundreds of bruises from beating and kicking.

Until the end of May, already 800 people are killed. Reported by organisations like Amnesty International and the Red Cross.The official number is probably much higher. This is one of the most brutal attacks on peaceful protestors across the nation of all Middle East and African uprisings.Since May 15 the protests have spread all over the country and the protests get more violent now since many defected soldiers could not accept the killing of innocent people. One soldier showed his ID card on TV with the words: ” To serve and protect the people of Syria.” He, as well as many other could not bear the situation anymore and took side of the peaceful protestors.

The advisors from Bashar Al Assad were the same as standing at the site of his father. The so-called Hawks of the government. Even if the current president demands a stop on all violence, he will not succeed and might even be deposed by the powerful men of the country.

Since June 10 security forces loyal to the  president moved in the north-western city of Jisr al-Shoughour. After days of unrest that sent more than 1,000 civilians fleeing north to Turkey, according to the state TV. Al Assad blocked all press agencies in the country and all foreign journalists ordered to leave or being imprisoned. Only unconfirmed news from the protestors themselves by video pictures are the most reliable sources at this moment. Any serious acts from other nations to condemn the violent crackdown are completely ignored by the Syrian government.

Will Syria be the next country in which the UN and the Arab League will agree on interference by military forces? To stop the excessive violence by Al Assad?


The Genocide of Ogaden

Only a few people who read the title knows what this is about. We all know that genocide is one of the worst horrors that occurs in the world. Deliberate killing of an ethnic group. Ogaden is totally unknown to most readers. Yet here is one of the worst disasters happening. People are deliberately stoked by food and drink to finally die in inhumane conditions. It is happening in front of our eyes and the cruelty gets worse by the day ..

Denan is a refugee camp in the Ogaden area, in Ethiopia, an area mainly inhabited by people of Somali origin. Once a colony of Italy and later given,by the English to Somalia. Ogaden became the battlefield the many wars in the area between Somalia and Ethiopia. The people of Ogaden were not welcome in both countries. They are trapped between  two nations. Officially the area belongs  to Ethiopia but they have completely closed down the area and refuse  aid workers and their organisations in the area with  terrible consequences for the refugees.

The situation in Denan refugee camps is distressing. There is drought, no food and water and no medical care. The medications available for the 7000 refugees are on a small table. Each day new families arrive in the camp. Strongly dehydrated and skinny to the bone. Families leave their home area with five children but arrive at the camp with three children.De walking journey can take up to 20 days over a wide flat and  dusty area where the heat is extreme. In every village they pass by  they beg for food and water.

A journalist from CNN managed to arrive in the camp and filmed to horrible scene. See video. He gave his food and water to a woman who could not sit independently anymore of hunger and thirst. Nearby is a food depot with a few bags of grain, but the large water reservoirs are empty. The remaining grain is for new arrivals who had nothing to eat for days. Once settled in the camp there is nothing anymore, parents watch how their children die. One by one.

Every day at the end of the afternoon the men dig a new grave just outside the camp for the new victims who did not survive the day. And they know their turn will come soon as well and who is going to give them a decent burial?


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