Freedom versus Suppression

The television was loud and the man from Al Jazeera confirmed the news which was passing by below the screen: “GADDAFI FOUND”. Is this really true? I switch on my smart phone to find other sources. Yes, it is confirmed: Gaddafi is captured in Sirte and killed.

A typical reaction from many of us here in Europe: Why did they kill him? It was totally unneccessary. The captured him alive and he had to go in court to take responsibility for what he has done. Under normal circumstances I agree with this opinion but never underestimate the emotion of people close to freedom. I am against the death penalty but the quick death of Gaddafi was needed to prevent further bloodshed. As long as he was alive, the pro Gaddafi forces would continue to kill innocent people.

He decided to go back to the soil where he was born. He could go to the desert, he could go to certain loyal Touareg tribes who could hide him. He had enough money to frustrate the new government in Tripoli for years. Why did he go back to Sirte?

The problem with people with too much power are losing the sense of reality. No one will ever say no to them. Everything he says need to carried out. His word is Gods word. This is what they believe. And if a few people from Benghazi decide to start the first protests in the city on February 17th, it makes him mad as hell. How do they dare to stand up against me? How on earth will they say no to me? He is deeply offended and he only thinks about revenge. Did he see the danger of a possible revolution? No, I don’t think so. He just wanted to capture the few people and thought this would be it and he could continue to stay in power until his son Saif al Islam Gaddafi could  be the next dictator.

For the ones who followed the news on one the international news channels could see how Saif al Islam was profiling himself as the possible new leader. The one so kind man for the western world. The man who was believed the only one with a human touch was now becoming the beast himself. In fact all the Gaddafi’s were fighting for a possible follow-up of their father. No one saw reality or the possible danger. Just because the family lost every sense of reality.

The first thing what came to my mind, when I heard the freedom fighters found him in a hole in Sirte, was Saddam Hussein from Iraq. Also found in a hole. I have mentioned it months ago in another article. These dictators are copying the other. As if they have a manual in how to behave against the people who want freedom.

The west, where is a higher level of freedom, are cynical as ever. They raise questions like: What will happen next? Are radical Islamist groups taking over power? The same thing said with Tunisia and Egypt. Or do they wonder if huge oil contracts are secured? The NATO did a great deal of work supporting the freedom fighters by attacking Gaddafi targets all over the country. And yes, I believe the freedom fighters would have never come this far so soon without their help. We can only have respect for the determination of certain western countries to force the support to freedom of Libya.

The huge profit Libya has in contrary of Egypt or Tunisia is the lack of the old system. Nothing is left. No military elites, no corrupt police forces, no former Gaddafi supporters. Nothing. They can build up the country from scratch. The work will be tough but freedom in Libya with a democratic elected Government will come sooner than in any other country in the Arabic world.

Libya Al Hurra!


Massoud Abu Basr from Benghazi on guitar at Ajdabya

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