Libya versus Iraq

The reaction of the Obama administration over Tunisia,Egypt and Yemen were weak and it was absolutely of no help for the people fighting for freedom.

But now in Libya the US sees no challenge in saying Ghadaffi needs to leave the country now. What is the major difference between e.g. Egypt and Libya? While Mubarak served the them for a long time and Ghadaffi was a state enemy reaching the top 5 of terrorist countries.

What scenario will develop if the US would intervene in Libya? Will they use force to remove the dictator and will they leave as soon as the “job” is done?

In 2003 the US together with several allies invaded Iraq as a state enemy from the Bush administration. From the first day of the intervention,business divisions of Uncle Sam followed the troops landing in Kuwait and started to make huge deals on oil export. Gigantic oil tankers sailed out of the harbor to set course to the USA. This is how they have financed their war against terror.

Libya is rich on oil and produces 1.8 million barrels a day through pipelines with a diameter of 3 to 4 meters from the oilfields into the harbors of Benghazi and Tripoli. So this is an answer on how the US and its allies will finance an intervention in Libya. Yes,the people will be happy that the dictator is chased by them like we have seen in Iraq but are the people in Iraq happy after all those years? Ask them about democracy and their answer will be: “Democracy? We don’t have electricity!” The country is very unstable and many people still fear for their lives.

Protests against this corruption costed 6 lives 2 days ago but the US has a major deal with Iraq on oil. It is definitely possible that the same situation could happen to Libya.

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