Fight over Libya

Since the revolution started in Africa and the Middle East there was no such  worldwide intervention as we see now in Libya. In Tunisia and Egypt the west made some statements about Ali and Mubarak to respect the peaceful protests and to make sure stability would stay. Today in Libya strong statements are made by the UN, Nato,EU and separate western countries like UK,France,Germany and even Russia has something to say. We didn’t hear the Arab League at all during protests in Egypt and Tunisia but now they have decided to agree with a no-Fly zone.

A no – fly zone is not just to make sure airplanes of the Libyan government will take off but as well dismantle runways,control towers etc. The only way to do this is to bomb from fighter jets which means automatically involvement in Libya’s war. When to revolutionaries are asking to install this no-Fly zone the other countries should agree on this but not before an official statement comes from the ground. Now,my first reaction is that a lot of people will die by a revenge of Gaddafi.But is he able to do so? When he and his mercenaries try to attack a town of city we hear that liberation troops defended the area and have re-taken the town in only a few hours. So the only powerful weapons Gadaffi has are his fighter jets.

It is difficult to predict when Gaddafi decides to step down. It can be in a week by foreign pressure or it can be months. The only way Gaddafi can be defeated is by the faith of the revolutionaries and the de-motivation of his troops. Day by day his allies become his enemies and it depends on this process how fast he will resign.

Only when  freedom fighters are asking for foreign military support it should be answered but give the Libyans their victory.Give them their revolution.

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