Time to go Gaddafi

Just now the news announces that negotiators from the Gaddafi administration went to Benghazi,the second largest city in Libya and a stronghold by the revolutionaries. The motivation for Gaddafi to stay as leader of the country dropped to zero. In the meanwhile opposition representatives are travelling to Cairo to tell the world about the massacres pledged by Gaddafi and his thugs. How many people have been killed in the last 2 weeks? Hospitals mention over 6000 victims. The cruelty of his 41 years suppression are slowly seeing daylight. The killing of his opponents,the underground prisons, the torturing of thousands of people.

The UN and he Arab league are  creating a legal amendment to install a no Fly zone because the interim government in Benghazi is requesting for this. The opposition troops and Gaddafi forces are equal strong now except Gaddafi has fighter jets who are by the way missing their target many times and I am sure this isn’t because the equipment and software on board isn’t working well but many pilots refusing to bomb the people.A few pilots are already executed not to follow orders so this is an alternative.

The demands of Gaddafi are: He will withdraw himself from the uprise and as the leader of Libya and in change for that he wants complete immunity for him and his family and loyalists.Furthermore he wants access to all his assets what can be about $130 billion or even more. The opposition leaders are discussing this now as it is for now the only option to stop the bloodshed. But will it stop if Gaddafi will get his luxury position? No,it will stop the massacres for now but what will be the impact on the long-term. With his loyalists around him and all his assets he might seek power again in a year or so. People like Gaddafi are mentally ill,they have tasted power and they are convinced the country and its people are his possession and he will never give up and nobody will ever know where all the missing people are and what happened to them.

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