Our people chose to die in order to live…

Dr. Mahmoud Gebril Elwarfally: “Our people chose to die in order to live.”

Tuesday 08 March 2011 EP STRASBOURG Group Meeting with Guy Verhofstadt and representatives of Libyan opposition: Dr. Mahmoud Gebril Elwarfally, Head of the Crisis Committee.

The Gulf Co-operation Council agrees to install a no Fly zone over Libya and so does the Arab League. These 2 organisations do not have military power and therefore advised the UN and Nato to investigate the possible intervention. In the meeting of March 8 in Strasbourg Guy Verhofstadt stated: We were to weak in our statements to the revolutions in Africa and the Middle East. This is the first EU official who mentions the uprising as a revolution. This is the right term for these fights for freedom, dignity and democracy. The words of Dr. Mahmoud Gebril Elwarfally are and should be an eye opener for the UN to make a firm and unanimous statement towards the illegitimate government in Tripoli and to support the National Council in Benghazi. In Europe “we” have fought against fascism and “we” fought for freedom. Countries like Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and many more are doing exactly the same today. The EU must make a firm and clear statement towards all countries where people are being suppressed by dictators.

The Arab league has a good point by saying: The intervention should immediately cease when the crisis is over. This of course to avoid a situation like Iraq. A better definition of the word crisis in this statement is of importance; when Gaddafi steps down the no fly zone should be upheaved.

Gaddafi and his forces are moving forward to the east and the freedom fighters are pushed back to Benghazi and they are asking for support to make the this revolution to a success. If the no fly zone will not be installed today or tomorrow, it may be too late and the country might be under control by the dictator. You don’t want to know what will happen with all these brave people who believed in freedom…

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