TV-presenter fight for her life and she is looking worldwide for the urgent medical help.


In Switzerland since over 5 years of misery at the hands of doctors!

Since over 5 years the patient suffer with very strong permanent midface pain and she is in a very bad condition. As she knows for some time she has the bad luck to suffer from an illness that has never been treated by a doctor. In good faith she trusted every doctor who treated her.

In Switzerland there is no doctor who help her further. The honor of the doctors is more worth than a human life. Unsuccessfully she searched in Switzerland the urgently needed medical help.

The tv-presenter has a fibrous dysplasia on her facial bone that’s a benign bone tumor on maxillary sinus bone and because of the fibrous dysplasia is her facial nerve pinched Trigeminal nerve. And she also has a chronic sinusitis. All this is visible since 2007 on all x-rays. The patient also knows with the right treatment she could be completely healthy again. Therefore she fights for her life. “Anything is better than to live with this horrible pain” so the TV presenter and is very thankful when she finally released from her cruel suffering.

Here is a pain description and the most important x-rays. Please scroll.

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