Yulia Tymoshenko – Юлія Тимошенко

Yulia Timoshenko was tortured by her guards last week. Her daughter confirmed this when she met her mother  in prison. Yulia refuses to be treated for her Hernia by Ukrainian doctors. She is afraid to be poisoned. For the same reason she went on hunger-strike. The Ukrainian government refuses to let her go to Germany for treatment.

Yulia Tymoshenko was born on the 27th of November 1960 in Dnjepropetrovsk, Ukraine. As a succesful entrepreneur she and her husband Oleksandr focussed on government contracts with their company UPC (Ukrainian Petrol Corporation) after the independence of the nation in  1991. In December 1996 Yulia entered the national politics and was elected for the Ukrainian parliament. In November 1997 the accused her of smuggling $26.000  from Ukraine to Russia. The General Prosecutor asked the parliament to lift Yulia’s immunity. Her second victory came in late 1998 as number 6 on the party list Hromada. After the party leader Lazarenko fled to the United States to avoid prosecution in an embezzlement case, Yulia left the party among other members. She founded the All Ukrainians Union party.

From December 1999 till late 2001 she had different positions in politics and solved several corruption cases.Until 2005 she lead the Orange Revolution ( A pact against the establishment of  corrupt politicians). In the same year she became prime minister but due to several internal conflicts, the president Yushenko dismissed Tymoshenko’s government. In 2006 she was expected to become prime minister again from a broad coalition but conflicts resulted in a take over from  former communists party; Party of Regions and Yulia and her coalition were locked out from the parliament.The orange coalition collapsed and Viktor Yanukovich was elected with a majority of votes as new prime minister.

Yulia Tymoshenko failed many times to set up a firm government and in  2010 she candidates for presidency. In the second round she lost from Yanukovich. She disagreed on this and said on live television she will go to court to fight the outcome. Tymoshenko withdrew her appeal after the High Court rejected the investigation of the last elections. Yanukovich said an public apology from Tymoshenko would restore the unity of the parliament. Tymoshenko refused and this resulted in a conflict between them.

The General Prosecutor re-opened an old corruption case against Yulia Timoshenko and on December 20, 2010 she was officially charged of misusing funds for the Kyoto Protocol. Yulia denied all the accusations but was found guilty. She was ordered not to leave Kiev,the capital of Ukraine. Days after several old members of her former party were arrested and Yulia said the president started a witch hunt against her.

In January 2011 new corruption cases  opened against Timoshenko and in May 2011 she was found guilty on all charges. In August she was arrested and two months later she was sentenced to seven years in prison. In 2012 new accusations raised and she will probably get another 12 years in prison.

The president of Germany and the vice-chairwoman of the EU cancelled their trips to the Ukraine to protest against her treatment in prison. Hopefully more world leaders will do the same.

In June 2012 the European Championships Soccer will be held in Poland and the Ukraine. Qualifications for the finals will be held in Charkov. The city where Yulia is captured in prison. To my opinion, the UEFA organisation should withdraw the games from the Ukraine as long as she is in prison.

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