Ministry of Thugs Egypt

A photo on Face Book group The Eyes of Freedom can provoke extreme reactions by certain people. People on this picture are injured. Most of them have a taped eye. The result of the attacks by security forces in Cairo. Men, women and children. For the military council no exception is made.  A proof, the protests in Egypt are far from over. Even though I am well aware of  pro Mubarak or Tantawi people among the protestors, it still comes as a surprise. Especially when these people become active on Face Book and seek the confrontation with contacts outside of Egypt.

Shahira Amin, a wonderful person who became famous by resigning at Nile TV, the English news channel from the Egyptian State television, at the beginning of the protests against Hosni Mubarak. She walked away and joined the protestors on Tahrir Square. A very brave decision as her life could be in severe danger. Shahira is now very active in Egypt and internationally. A free lancer for BBC World and CNN. Beside that she does several talk shows and knows how to bring up the essentials of each interview.

Shahira shared the photo of the Face Book group The Eyes of Freedom on her profile. As I do always, I read the post and try to comment. Surprisingly a man from Egypt, reacted quite irritated on the this posting but started as well to attack my comments. My comment was; “Victims of he Ministry of Thugs.” Pointing out to the rulers of Egypt, responsible for the many killed and injured protestors what we see everyday. This is one of the comments he made:

“ya3ni 7adretek u r posting this so that people like frank yi2oolo comments about our ministries??? i find that sick.. they do it the other way araound 3al 3ilm ya ostaza shahira.. i m against inno any outsider would call any egyptian a thug.. thats ashame.”

Beside the phonetic Arabic words it is obvious, this writer is against every interference from a non Egypt person. Shahira reacts quite calm on him and tries to make him clear that not her message is sick but what happened to these young people in the streets is sick. This comment makes him more irritated as he cannot understand an Egyptian person agrees with a non Egyptian. This was his next comment: “hey franky!! watch ur words when u speak about an egyptian puppsy..

Obviously more irritated he adds this one minute later: “including our police and military forces.” I made him very clear that he is not impressing me with his words and my reaction was:” @Ahmad: I am not going to watch out for your words.” After several reactions both sides, this is what he wrote before I made him clear not willing to continue to argue with him:

“@ frank , I dont need to know about u to judge whether you re allowed to speak about any egyptian of any age and filling any job. its a red line buddy. u dont cross the red lines. i dont care what you think of israel, nor what u think of our x president, nor what you think of our coming one!! 🙂 frankly frank 🙂 just stick ur nose where it belongs. thats not just u franky, its to any outsider 🙂

This man is not hiding his point of view and with him there are thousands. People who create unrest and division among the young people who risk their lives every day to free themselves from suppression. By either thugs or military oppressors. This strategy by Mubarak, sending members of the security forces to the Squares to pretend being activists as well, copied by the new military rulers.  These people are ordered to create unrest, act as criminals giving the protestors a bad name.

The young people of Egypt and all their supporters from many other countries are one. Thanks to them, people like Ahmad get no chance to spread their nationalistic point of view to a wide audience. This is why the young people in the streets will overcome and eventually overthrow the military rulers. Just as they did with Mubarak and thugs.


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