Release Fadhila Al Mubarak

About Fadhila Al Mubarak
Fadeela Mubarak, 38 years old mother of 9 years old son, lives in Aali village in the suburbs of Manama, Bahrain. Fadhila Al Mubarak who was sentenced 4 years imprisonment for listening to anti-government CDs in her car. She was the first woman in Bahrain being tried in military tribunal, which gave that verdict. Her case was rarely highlighted in media. A short documentary titled “Fadheela Mubarak A Mother Behind The Bars in Bahrain”
covers the plight of Fadhila.


We ask all concerned people to take immediate and urgent action in support of Fadhila Al Mubarak.


Write about Fadhila Al Mubarak: 
Please use the below sample letter to urgently demand the immediate and unconditional release of innocent prisoner Fadhila A- Mubarak. The mail should be addressed to Secretary General of United Nations in New York with copies to international foreign ministries worldwide as well as media outlets. Email Addresses appear below the sample letter.

His Excellency 

The purpose of this letter is to draw your attention to plight of 38 years old mother namely Fadhila Al Mubarak, who has been in false imprisonment for nine months bearing sentence of eighteen-months in prison handed down in a travesty military trial for playing a song in Bahrain.
On March 27 2011, Fadhila was passing a checkpoint with her son and nieces whist a revolutionary song was playing in her vehicle when she was stopped and asked to step out by police. At the checkpoint, as she was answering the questions of a police officer, a man in civilian clothes tried to enter into her car.  Fadhila resisted deeming the man to be a thug and fearing for the safety of children in the car but later it turned out the man is also a policeman.
Fadhila was verbally abused at the checkpoint which contradicts the Article 2 of Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officials and subsequently arbitrarily detained, arbitrary detention is illegal according to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Article 7 which Bahrain is a state party.
After around one month, Fadhila was released but only to be rearrested 10 days later and prosecuted and sentenced for four years (The sentence was converted from four years to one and an half year in the appeal by the military court) by a military court without according any legal counsel to her. The military court convicted her in totally baseless and fraudulent charges viz. offending a public official, inciting hatred towards the regime by playing an audio revolutionary song, partaking in protest etc.
Even though Fadhila was detained in span of martial-law, martial-law does not permit or revoke:
  • Arbitrary deprivations of liberty or unacknowledged detentions.
  • Deviation from fundamental principles of fair trial, including the presumption of innocence.
  • The right to have immediate access to legal counsel and family,
  • The right to be secure from torture and other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment – All these principles must always be respected even during a public emergency.
Fadhila’s prosecution before military tribunal and conviction by the same blatantly violates principles of prosecution of a civilian and other afore mentioned principles.
According to her family, she has been tortured in prison which puts a life a patient of “Ovarian cysts” even at higher risk and makes me deeply concerned for her that a woman going through all this only for listening to an anti-government song. Totally shame!
Fadhila’s 9 years old son has made a plea to international community to help him (Video  I also request you to insure Bahraini authority abide by the human rights treaties and principles applicable on them and demand immediate dropping of charges and safe release of Fadhila Al Mubarak. She should be released immediately and without any condition.

[Your Name]


ADDRESSES (copy and paste into your email address lines)
Ban Ki-moon

Office of the United Nations, Secretary-General

Foregin Minister and UN State Department;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Navanethem Pillay 
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

You can also send the letter to: 
EU Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law at
European Association for Human Rights at,35-.html

US Department of Sate at
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