The violent settlers of Israel

Today is a great and important day for Palestine. Mahmoud Abbas will ask the United Nations to recognize Palestine. Of course everyone knows that the U.S. will use its veto against the proposal and the subject will be declared as not receptive. Of course it is very undemocratic, a veto overrules everything. Yet there is a positive development of this proposal. Palestine has made ​​his statement, and many members will vote. So everyone knows where the members stand for. This can lead to more substantive discussion and the pressure on Israel and America so they need to come with a legitimate reaction  and not just  a nay. I’m curious!

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported this morning that a senior officer in the Israeli army has a good explanation why Israel has decided to increase the troops at the occupied territories. The government has determined that the illegal immigrants settlers on Palestinian territory may carry a weapon. The reason was the fear of being attacked by the Palestinians. Now it seems that the army sends more troops, during Palestinian protests indirectly to protect the Palestinians against settlers. This officer is convinced that the Palestinians will control their people on a march around the occupied territories, but it is the group of settlers who at the slightest movement pull their weapon against everything Palestinian. So it may be said that the settlers provoke aggression from which will inevitably lead to more casualties.

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