The Hasbara’s from Israel

Actually, we know that Israel is very strong when it comes to the effectiveness of their “defense system”. From a military point of view it dominates in the region with its ultra-modern weapons, including nuclear weapons. Israel defeats the enemy on many more levels. Mossad and Shin Bet secret services, the best in the world. Politically, they are very strong because of their powerful lobby, which seems infiltrated in most governments worldwide. One might wonder whether the United States of America is indeed the great protector of Israel. Is it not so that Israel has embedded itself in such a way in the U.S. government to actually protect themselves? Previously I have already written about it. How big are the interests of the American hawks in Israel? The hawks are the real decision makers of the U.S. and even the president is subordinate to it. You could compare it with the Bilderberg group.

This aforementioned élite organization was recently held in Switzerland where they discussed the world order. The king of Spain and Queen of the Netherlands were regularly present. The meetings are represented by 18 countries. I would not go into this, but this body can honestly be considered as one of the most powerful organizations in the world.

Each country has the ability to use propaganda as an instrument of power against their own people and to influence other countries. Propaganda is always used when countries are at war or when there is internal unrest. This we have seen in recent months in the Middle East and Africa.

Israel is an exception on the line but not unique. Syria is a country that is a very good example who has copied from its neighbor. In countries where the government controls the media, Israel uses the population. Thus, there are regular meetings for their own citizens and people outside who have sympathies with Israel. There are many websites available. NGO Monitor or It clearly shows that they want to recruit members to positively talk about Israel. This, alone, is in principle not wrong. However, they indicated to speak for all citizens of the country. Of course this can easily be refuted by the many people who strongly disagree with the policies of their government.

It is the government who influences the Hasbara’s as a part of their propaganda machine. People from all walks of life are recruited or volunteered to defend the policies of Israel over its opponents. How many hasbara’s there are is not to say but they are everywhere and they are active on TV, radio, in newspapers and social networks. They will never avoid a discussion when it comes to the policies of Israel. Their view is mainly supported by claims that they are objective. But it is precisely the leaving out of many facts that contradict this.

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