The Syrian Revolution

Syria became independent under a French mandate in 1946. Officially as a parliamentary republic based on democratic values. Before this year, the country suffered under many of military coups.

Not different from Algeria,Egypt and Tunisia, an emergency law was in place to undermine the constitution.Syria maintained this law from 1962 till 2011 when the current president Bashar Al Assad, lifted the law under pressure of new protests.

Al Assad preceded his father Hafez Al Assad in 2000. His father was president since 1971.The Assads belong to the minority group of Allawites and most of the important government jobs were given to the members of fore mentioned group.

The darkest pages of modern Syria are the attack on the city of Hama in 1982. The Muslim Brotherhood, in that time a very powerful group rejected the values of the Baath party. The party of the Assads.The president sent paramilitary forces into the city to kill 10.000 till 20.00 civilians including women, children, and elderly.The single deadliest attack in modern Arab world.

On March 15  the first real protests started in the city of Dara’a after children were captured by the security forces. They were accused of using anti – propaganda against the government. But since January 26th several demonstrations reported across the country. The children, young boys and girls at the age of 10 till 16 years old taken into custody and brutally tortured and raped. Last week the body of a 13-year-old boy was given back to his family. Not so much to please the parents but as a brutal warning for other people, if they ever consider to stand up against the government. The boy was so heavily tortured, it was hard to identify th body. From shot wounds,cut off fingers and genitals,burn marks,and hundreds of bruises from beating and kicking.

Until the end of May, already 800 people are killed. Reported by organisations like Amnesty International and the Red Cross.The official number is probably much higher. This is one of the most brutal attacks on peaceful protestors across the nation of all Middle East and African uprisings.Since May 15 the protests have spread all over the country and the protests get more violent now since many defected soldiers could not accept the killing of innocent people. One soldier showed his ID card on TV with the words: ” To serve and protect the people of Syria.” He, as well as many other could not bear the situation anymore and took side of the peaceful protestors.

The advisors from Bashar Al Assad were the same as standing at the site of his father. The so-called Hawks of the government. Even if the current president demands a stop on all violence, he will not succeed and might even be deposed by the powerful men of the country.

Since June 10 security forces loyal to the  president moved in the north-western city of Jisr al-Shoughour. After days of unrest that sent more than 1,000 civilians fleeing north to Turkey, according to the state TV. Al Assad blocked all press agencies in the country and all foreign journalists ordered to leave or being imprisoned. Only unconfirmed news from the protestors themselves by video pictures are the most reliable sources at this moment. Any serious acts from other nations to condemn the violent crackdown are completely ignored by the Syrian government.

Will Syria be the next country in which the UN and the Arab League will agree on interference by military forces? To stop the excessive violence by Al Assad?

  1. #1 by anti-sectarian on June 12, 2011 - 4:04 pm

    1.”.The single deadliest attack in modern Arab world.”!!!!!!! this sentence is a result of weakness in history or sectarian background.
    2.the children arrested in Darra, and this is sad really, were all boys there were no girls. I don’t agree on the arrest ,but since you tell a story..tell it right
    3.they ofcourse werne’t raped ( is this ur imagination?)
    4.and the head of security forces in Deraa was taken to prison after a few days of this incident.
    5.the 13 years old boy (turned out later to have 17 years old) was killed after a month of that and he was never arrested, he was killed when he was trying to attack women to rape them in Sanamainw military campus, and he was never tortured according to doctors , even his father and uncle met the president and they said they have faith in the doctor’s report. 10 june , the army went to Jisr-alshogour (not loyal security!!!) and they went there because armed groups killed 120 policemen there in a brutal massacre whose videos are all over the web..

    Oh man.. you have mental sectarian issues.

  2. #2 by S. on June 13, 2011 - 12:21 am

    Thanks Farid for your news report. We will obviously have to agree to disagree. I guess you might be getting the information for your news from the sources that I have problems with. I am sure there are some very bad things happening at the hands of some officials. But I also believe (from my experiences in the area and from other friends/family reports) that there is an amazing, absolutely amazing, media propaganda campaign going on right now to topple the Assad regime. Inside Syria there is a problem just like there is in Lebanon – a salafist movement. I know about this very personally Farid.As unbelievable as it sounds, this group in Lebanon have Western backers and the same is happening inside Syria. The actions of these low-lifes is very disgusting and I have no idea how one would deal with this “life or death” threat other than harshly. I understand you are very firm with your opionions Farid, and because I know you are a wonderful person I have to accept that you have this view. We will have to see where all this ends but if I see a single foreign soldier or any intervention in Syria I will be very upset.

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