The best way, for a leader to make sure the nation will not rise up against him is to create fear. Let the people know, heavy punishment  for anybody dare to critisize the authorities. This can result in long prison sentences, torturing, death penalty and to hurt everything what is dear to you. The creation of fear among your family and friends. Your relatives will force you not to protest against the government.

In the last half-year we have seen enough examples of dictators suppressing the nation. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen, Iran and so many other countries in the Middle East and Africa. The positive news in the last months is of course the strength people have shown in these countries by their numbers. Even succesful in a few of nations.

Good that we live in the “west”. We live here in Europe or the USA where everything is safe. Freedom of speech, no fear of governments forcing you not to speak and our borders well protected against terrorism. What more do you want?

But do we really live in a safe place or is it a fake appearance?

A country like Israel, telling the world the constant danger of neighbouring countries willing to wipe the jewish state away. The US, with their war on terror. Warning us for Al Qaeda and the possibility of attacks on our secure state. Or Europe, always the sit up and roll over dog of their big brother, the United States of America. In the last decade, people stood behind their governments because we haven’t had any significant attack in the last 10 years. So our government is protecting us. But against what? Al Qaeda? The danger coming from the Islamic world?  The new enemy since we have lost our loyal enemy, the Soviet Union.

Billions of dollars are spend every year for the security of you and me. Would we have an increase of attacks if we didn’t have these protection means? Facts are: In the last decades we have not seen an increase of victims by terrorism attacks as 40 years ago. Did you know: More people die every year by falling of the stairs, more people die every year by animal attacks than by a terroristic attack. How many people died just by the fear of a terrorist attack?? These billions of dollars could be spent on campaigns like: Don’t run on stairs or how to avoid an animal attack. We would have an overall decrease of deaths.

Protection against terror is the key for western governments. They need a legal base to hide illegal practices.

  1. #1 by Amr on May 31, 2011 - 1:29 pm

    Totally agree with you Frank. Money spent on protection can be used in development, take for instance, education. A common factor in most arab nations was that education and health systems were neglected on purpose, why? because it is easy to rule the uneducated and the hungry. god bless you, and keep them coming 🙂

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