Women of the Revolution

No fear and fighting like lions.

Is that really a woman who is attacking a policeman? It is! 

Look at the determination on her face. She won’t give up because she wants more than ever a free country for her, for her family and friends, for her children. For the people.

All the international news channels showed us video’s of revolting youth against the suppression. Against dictators. But we hardly have seen women joining the protests. We have heard about them. We were told the support that gave by driving carloads of food and drinks from home to the streets. To feed the youth who were fighting their war against the regime. Against the corruption and everything what was taken away from them. Cars driving on and of from the squares, streets and battlefields. And it went on for 24 hours a day. On and on..

Here are some pictures  from women, fighting together with  men against the authorities. Unfortunately I can’t find the source of these photo’s spread over many internet sites.

She doesn’t even pay attention to the policemen behind her.

Happy she is on the right side of the revolution.

It was already a long time on my to do list. An ode to the women of the revolution. Without them,it would not have been succesful.

  1. #1 by Shadow© on May 19, 2011 - 1:04 pm

    War highlights the true nature of Civil society, of feminism itself. If we talk about this current “Feminism ” away from religion or culture regardless of the country I notice that Muslim women impresses me with them audacity, impresses me is that they give free rein to expression and asked why they want … these women are not inhibited as we think we Europeans..they hide They hide so much character in their long coat…

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