The Palestinian Day of Rage has begun.

As announced last month, the Palestinian day of rage has now begun in Palestine on May 15, 2011 on Nakba day (Catastrophe day). Palestinians are coming by busloads to the borders with Israel. On the Golan Heights, West Bank and Gaza. Only on the Golan Heights, 20 000 protestors reported. Some of them trying to force the checkpoints which are between Syria and a buffer zone between Syria and the West Bank. The Israeli soldier launched two rockets which landed less than 100 meters from the protestors. Several wounded reported and 4 people were killed. All the victims are under 18.

This is telling us that the uprising is led and organized by young people. Young people who are fighting against suppression. In this case there is no difference between Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, etc. They are all fighting for the same goal: Freedom.

al Fatah’s president said: We want a free Palestine with the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. This is not much asked for and the least, the world should agree on. The United Nations were waiting too long to take action because they are restricted by its veto-members. We all knew that, sooner or later, the uprising would begin in Palestine as well. Following all the other countries in the Middle East and Africa. What were they thinking at the United Nations? It will not happen as Israel controls the area very well?

But as in every uprising there are always certain extremist groups who are trying to hijack the protests for their own cause. The first one who talked to the press was Haniyeh, leader of Hamas, saying they want to end the Zionist project in Palestine. Haniyeh never made it a secret: They want to wipe Israel of the map. Personally I think, Haniyeh needs to stop interfering in these protests. He should step aside for the young ones who are fighting for freedom, dignity and a future.

The israeli soldiers are reacting very aggressive at the moment by using live ammunition on these protestors. The same strategy we have seen in Egypt, Tunisia, Iran, Bahrain,Yemen, Syria and Libya. It is now up to the world to react and to take action, which means, to demand from Israel to stop this aggressive reaction and to start talking how to create Palestine as soon as possible. This is only a matter of days before the young people will go beyond the wall of fear…..

…..we all know what that means…

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  4. #4 by New England Haiku on June 6, 2011 - 4:51 pm

    Actually, the Israelis are not using the same strategy as the other regimes that you mention. They may be using the same tactic (live ammo) but if that’s the case, you could say that they use the same tactics as the US, Hitler, the UN, and anyone else who has ever used live fire.

    The Israelis are trying to stop an illegal incursion into their own border. Do not lump them in with Qadaffi et al.

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