When you are accused of anti-Semitism, you can reassure you that you’re evil through and through. Or is it all not that bad? When  exactly are you an anti-Semitist?  If you are against people who are Jewish or if you condemn Israel and everything that goes with it?

The original meaning of anti-Semitism is being against all speakers of Semitic languages. Who knows that nowadays? Only a few  are able to explain that term. We cannot compare it with  a racist, that for centuries remained the same: You feel superior over another human race.

The anti-Semitist changed in the last one century. An anti-Semitist  is  now someone who is not against   the speakers of Semitic languages anymore, but against the Jewish race and against the state of Israel, as well called an anti-Zionist. But the worst is yet to come: It is directly connected to the Holocaust. And as we know it, in most of the European countries it is illegal to questioning the Holocaust.

Someone who is somewhat aware of politics knows that Israel has a pretty good propaganda machine. Probably the best in the world. They know how to convince almost every government that the Israeli policy is justified in every area. They have the potential to silence anti-Zionists. Practically the entire West (Europe and USA) defend Israel unconditionally. Whenever the United Nations is trying to adopt a resolution against the policy of Israel in Palestine, the U.S. simply uses its veto. Even if they  fully or partly agree on the resolution. I call that a perfect network of the Israeli government.

As well with anti-Semitism. In my opinion, the Hasbara’s (the promoters of Israel) made sure that this would get much deeper meaning. Partly because they can silence their opponents by that name calling in the presence of other people.(politicians, famous people etc.)

On  several occasions I was called an anti-Semitist because I am against the way of Israel’s behavior in Palestine.  This accusation is totally misplaced! Because I am against the policy of Israel but certainly not against people who speak Semitic languages and certainly not against the Jewish people and I am convinced that the Holocaust took place as it is explained in history.

Before you accuse somebody of being an anti-Semitist you must be aware of what you exactly accuse the person.

  1. #1 by Susan Safi on May 14, 2011 - 10:55 pm

    well said!

  2. #2 by amal elali on May 15, 2011 - 6:37 am

    dear frank

    I read your article today … all i can say i wish we can all live and this like you.. but it is hard to have perfect world… but all we can do is try and try and advise people and be positive towards the negative people…

    have a great day

    amal elali

  3. #3 by aelali0 on May 15, 2011 - 6:50 am

    Hello Frank… I really enjoyed your article today.. i wish people can read between the line and under stand your point… well said.. Have a great day… God Save you 🙂

  4. #4 by Patrick O'Brien on May 15, 2011 - 10:21 pm

    … something to remember the next time you’re called an anti-Semite are these words from Dr Hajo Meyer who, at 86, is the oldest living survivor of Auschwitz.

    Dr Meyer insists the definition of “anti-Semitic” had now changed. He says:

    “Formerly an anti-Semite was somebody who hated Jews because they were Jews and had a Jewish soul. But nowadays an anti-Semite is somebody who is hated by Jews”


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