Palestine united

Last month, a few thousand Palestinians demonstrated in the streets of Gaza to demand a unity for Palestine. Just about a week later, Fatah’s Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas from the West Bank was on the phone with Hamas’s Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh from Gaza to set the agenda’s for a peace plan.

Who thought, both PM’s would ever talk to each other again? Not me. Did Israel profit from this situation? Yes. Because Palestine was divided, Israel had to worry less. Hamas and Fatah didn’t speak anymore so they never would consider an uprise against the jewish state.

This year nothing is the same. The whole Middle East is trying to get rid of their suppressors. Israel lost an important ally in Egypt. The USA does not support Israel blindly anymore and even criticized the policy of the government.

In the beginning of the uprising in Egypt, Israel’s prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu was supporting Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak, as the former president of the country, agreed to support the Israeli government in their fight against “terrorism”.

Israel is now looking for a new strategy in the area. And they should. Step by step they will be on their own soon and closed in between countries who are in the process to free themselves from their dictators. If Israel wants to survive they have to start talking with Palestine and all other neighbouring countries to keep up the sovereign state. To secure the safety of the people. The simple solution is right in front of them. Start talking within the area. Speak out the support for the freedom fighters and respect the sovereignty of Palestine. Clear out all illegal settlements and respect to the agreement of before 1967.

Only a few extremist groups in Palestine have the intention to go beyond that. Just like in Israel a few fundamentalist groups want to wipe Palestine of the map. The far majority wants to have peace and dignity, respect and a future.

In Palestine, the people were divided and unity was hardly to find. Since one month a few thousand young people demonstrated for a one Palestine. They have almost succeeded. Can you imagine what 10’s of thousands of Palestinians can do if they go out on the streets?……

…….Peace for all.

  1. #1 by Alaa Ali on April 28, 2011 - 10:04 am

    Actually I read here a rich context, there are too many points for commentary but speaking in general I am firmly believe that the whole area is changing including Israel, in the next few months we might see fundamental changes in the political hierarchy of both Palestine and Israel, and both will face strong changes and chaos and something known will be born

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