Democracy and Dictators

For decades we see countries with democrat governments lead by a president or prime minister. (Federal, Parliamentary, Presidential, Semi Presidential)

Several states have a monarchy to lead the parliament. Either as an overruling party or just symbolic.

Other countries are ruled by a dictator or army, or even both of them. A parliament is in this case often a farce with no influence at all. The decision maker is a leader and its advisors. They can change the constitution to stay in power.

But both of them always make a big mistake. To exclude certain parties who might be a threat. Direct or indirect. These excluded parties represent a percentage of the population and by ignoring these parties, they ignore a group of civilians.

In a democracy, a right or leftwing party might decide to seek the middle to create more possibilities. So they meet other parties halfway to negotiate an alliance in a multi party system. But what about their loyal members who are still more left or right? The party members who are not willing to go with the flow of the party. They feel betrayed by their own party and seek a coalition with often extreme right or leftwing parties. Before you know a country has to deal with a large extremist group or groups.

A dictatorial system excludes all but one group. By ignoring  a large part of the population there will always be resistance. The dictator will suppress this population for years, often in a cruel way.

But it will not last forever. The human instinct always seek freedom because it is the nature of men. And luckily….

… will always be in majority….

  1. #1 by karanba on May 13, 2011 - 11:44 am

    hi frank definately you are and exceptional writer and is very interesting,

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