A Roadmap to nowhere…

A roadmap need to bring us to a certain destination or solution. It need to give us reliable details to guide us to where we want to go.  Now let’s have a look on the Roadmap introduced by the African Union:

1. Ceasefire & protection of civilians.
2. Humanitarian aid for Libyans & foreign workers – especially Africans.
3. Dialogue between the two sides.
4. An inclusive transitional period.
5. Political reforms which “meet the aspirations of the Libyan people”.

First of all it is a big farce because this map should lead the country to a free state without Gaddafi. But this is not mentioned in the roadmap. So, of course the Colonel and his family will accept this so called roadmap to peace and will it be rejected by the National Council in Benghazi. Secondly, Gaddafi has promised a ceasefire for over three times but not for a single moment his guns were silent.

What do these political reforms mean?  Who is going to believe Gaddafi will accept those terms if he suppressed the Libyans for 42 years?

To my honest opinion, this roadmap is unstable, has no basis, and is only meant for the African Union to have a voice in the situation in Libya and to tell the world: “We are part of the peace process as well.

This roadmap will not lead the people to the destination they want to go but it brings them back to where it started.

  1. #1 by Chris on April 11, 2011 - 8:23 am

    I am not so sure that this a roadmap to nowhere. Right now and form the foreseeable future NATO is not going to get a mandate to bomb Gadaffi and his cohorts into oblivion. I know that is the fervent wish of many but it just ain’t gonna happen. You should remember that two veto wielding powers are not in support of the current limited mission. Even the Arab League will balk at the prospect of another Arab leader be removed like Sadam.

    The rebels or freedom fighters are not going to capture Tripoli. At the moment they are barely holding on to the gains they have made. If it was not for the NATO air cover Gadaffi’s troops would have been moving on Benghazi today.

    Absent a magic wand which we could wave and make Gadaffi disappear or give the rebels all the training and military hardware to overthrow him, we should give every diplomatic effort a chance. The alternative is to accept that this war will last a long time, that terrible atrocities will be committed by all sides and thousands of innocent civilians will die. That is the nature of war:unpalatable as we might find it.

  2. #2 by frankbeuken.com on April 11, 2011 - 2:10 pm

    The UN, Arab League and the NATO will not go along this roadmap as part of the resolution is the resignment of Gaddafi

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