Sidi Bouzid and Facebook

Since the first day in Tunisia I have followed the news day by day,hour by hour. A very dear friend from nearby Tunis kept me company. We spoke every time about all new updates. I started to post messages on my Facebook profile until my contacts started to complain about me and my fanatic news reports.

Yes,we still have many people not interested in the happenings around the world. I have to respect that. So I created a group on Facebook: Children of a Revolution and invited the few who were interested just as much as I am. My idea was to talk, to discuss and to share opinions with others about all the revolutions taking place in Africa and the Middle East. I always felt very much connected with the “Arab” world.

Today we have 100 members and most of them are very much dedicated and that is much more worth than to have a group with a 1000 members.

Children of a Revolution is a centre of updates and it feed many other groups. We are a centre of news. Not only for Tunisia,Egypt or Libya but as well for Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Gaza, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia  etc.

I feel honoured to see the members of this group postings their updates, learning and teaching from the other. I have learned so much in the last months and have great respect for all of you.

Thank you so much.

Link to Children of a Revolution

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