Decision day in Yemen

News is coming in from Sanaa very fast now. The commander of the North West division of the army deployed his troops to the Capital to protect the protestors.

Yemen or Al Yaman means “The South”. The modern history of South Arabia and Yemen began in 1918 when Yemen gained independence from the Ottoman Empire. Between 1918 and 1962, Yemen was a monarchy ruled by the Hamidaddin family. In 1962, North Yemen then became a republic, but Britain still had a protective area around the South Arabia port of Aden, which it had created in the 19th century. Britain withdrew in 1967 and the area became South Yemen. In 1970, the southern government adopted a Communist governmental system. The two countries were formally united as the Republic of Yemen on May 22, 1990 (Wikipedia). Ali Abdullah Saleh became leader of North Yemen in 1978, and the President of Yemen since it became a republic in 1990.

February 3rd, the Day of Rage was the kick off for the protestors to demand Saleh to step down. In fact the protests started on January 27th already.

Last week on Friday snipers killed 51 demonstrators while peacefully protesting in a main street of Sanaa. Five snipers were seen on a rooftop shooting into the crowd.

On Sunday, the president fired his whole cabinet which shows the first cracks in his government. Usually after that the developments are following up very fast. This morning the chief of the North West division decided to sent his troops to Sanaa to protect the protestors. In Tunisia this was the day president Ben Ali fled the country.

Today it was announced that over 60% of the army supports the protestors now and demand Saleh to step down. This is the momentum people gather in the streets of Yemen. Is this day a victorious day and will Ali Abdullah Saleh step down?

Congratulations Yemenis and the rest of the world. Another dictator less and more freedom to share…

  1. #1 by Susan Safi on March 21, 2011 - 10:05 am

    Thanks for this Frank. Let us hope the brave Yemenis will be vigilant with these generals who suddenly have a huge opportunity in front of them

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