Did Khaled Said die for nothing?

Where is the beauty of the country its revolution?

Remember the women fighting together with men against Mubarak? Or the Christians protecting the Muslims while praying or Muslims protecting a christian church?

Now the protestors are being attacked by thugs again while entering security buildings,women get sexual harrassed on Tahrir Square while demonstrating for equal rights and 13 Koptic christians got killed and 114 people injured because they want equal rights as well. Wasn’t the revolution meant for everybody? Was it only for male muslims? Is this where the young people of Egypt were fighting for?

Did Khaled Said die for nothing?

My own opinion on this is the influence of Mubarak is not gone at all. As long as he is in his villa in Sharm El Sheikh he controls many loyalists and he will disturb the stability until the end of his days.

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