Mugabe versus Time

Tuesday March 1st 2011 is the Day of Rage for Zimbabwe. The eyes of the world are now completely focussed on Libya as the “western” countries are involved by UN Resolutions,creating a no Fly zone over the country,medical aid and foodsupplies.

What has Zimbabwe to offer to the world? Will all international TV channels show the world what will happen after today in this country?

If you think the protestors of Tunisia, Libya or Egypt are heroes I can now tell you: It will be worse.

Robert Gabriel Mugabe is 87 years old and he is determined to stay leader of the republic until he dies.Since 1980 he is in charge and uses suppression to keep to people calm. HRW reported mutliple times about people kept inprisonment without clear charges, dissapearances and torturing.

Tsvangirai was the MDC candidate in the elections of 2002 losing to Mugabe. In 2008 as the MDC-T candidate he won  47.8% of the vote according to official results, placing him ahead of Mugabe, 43.2%. Tsvangirai wanted to join the second round of the elections but shortly before he decided to withdraw himself after Mugabe spread fear,intimidation and violence among the candidates of the MDC -T. During talks in which South Africa played a major role Tsvangirai accepted the post of prime minister to have certain influence on the situation of the country.

South Africa is a neighbouring country where a lot of opposition leaders are active to create a solid basis for the uprise against fear. Probably reporters from South Africa will report over the developments.

In the last couple of weeks 22 political opponents are arrested and their families don’t know where they are. Zimbabwe is preparing for the Revolution towards liberation and removal of a dictator of the south and a lot of people will die in the streets, in prisons in their own homes but they will overcome as the time is right and nobody can stop this flow of freedom anymore.

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