Are we all American?

The US and the UK are discussing an intervention in Libya. Militairy plans to force a no-Fly zone over the country and arming the protestors.It sounds not bad to help the freedomfighters to remove Ghadaffi from the country but will this aid of the west really solve the problem? I remember the invasion of Iraq in 2003 where it started with a no-Fly zone. But more suspicious is the fact that the US and UK are even talking about an intervention without a UN mandat what happened in the evening before the invasion in Iraq as well. Now France,a veto member of the UN said tonight: “We are not sure if this path is the right solution. I have to repeat myself: This happened in 2003 as well.

As mentioned in another article: Iraq was just like Libya on the blacklist of the US and both nations have huge oilresources.The US Army is now nearly 8 years in Iraq and for many the situation didn’t improve at all.

But if an intervention is needed,does it really have to be the US? A country who thinks that all people around the world are  americans? With the same culture and the same language? In 2003 we could see footage of GI’s storming into a house and started shouting to the people living there: Freeze! Get down! Down on the ground! But the people didn’t understand them and you could see the panic on their faces. Did it ever occur to these soldiers that many people in the world do not speak english or american? The worst country to ask for an intervention is the US. They just don’t understand the fact that many countries and their people are so different with such a different approaches.

If the US really want to act like the police of the world they should make much more efforts and preparations before they invade another country somewhere in the world. Study the culture,learn the language, understand the habits and without a hidden agenda. Wouldn’t it be much better to leave this kind of solutions to countries who have experience in for example arab cultures?

The libyan people of the opposition made it very clear:

Simon Assaf

“We do not need foreign militairy interveniance,we can do it ourselves.” And it should be like that,give them the revolution they want.

Instead of focussing on the battle of Tripoli they might take care of the hundreds of thousands of people at the borders,trying the flee the situation in the country,where there is a shortage on food,tents,medical supplies and maybe the US will plant some goodwill with this and increase their chances to become lucrative and fair oilcontracts from the new non corrupted government.

  1. #1 by Brian Wakefield on March 2, 2011 - 1:07 am

    If we are all Americans we should get a vote in their elections.

  1. Are we all American? | Turning Point

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