The Madman from Tripoli

Since the afternoon I knew already that Muanmar Khadaffi would speak on the National Libyan TV. At the start I was so excited about what he was going to tell. Something like: I will leave the country or I will resign but after an hour listening to him I started to get bored. It was madness,rage,somebody on drugs telling he will strike back,searching every house in Libya.

But why would a powerful leader get so angry and blaiming the youth for the violence.Why did he say I will use force against the traitors when 500 people have lost their lives already?

To be honest,I saw this old man,in his fashion outfit,trying to be the Khadaffi he was used to be. A leader who knows he has lost from the youth, from his army officers, he lost “his” Libya and he knows he has to go.So what can you do more than rage like a spoiled kid lost his toy,to be angry with Libya,to be angry with everything…

…..42 years of leadership and the final hour has come and now he need to give Libya back to its people…freedom at last..

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