Kill or to be Killed

Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Is Khadaffi really so different than Ben Ali from Tunisia who fled the country or like Mubarak who left the Cairo? His threatening words should make us think he is but in fact it shows the same processes as Tunisia or Egypt.

When death toll reaches the number 300 the first speech is announced on TV and they all say the same: “We promise reforms,more democracy and a decrease of food prices.

Lessons learned

People watching the news since the uprise in Tunisia may guess already what happens next; people go back on the streets again,the security forces are pulling back from the cities,thugs coming in and soon the 2nd speech is announced: Hard words,apologies for so many deaths and so on..and a 3rd speech will come with more promises and finally the 4th with the announcement that Khadaffi and his family have left the country.

Will we see the same scenario as before,or not? The difference is that in Libya many tribes live in a kind of autonomous areas and they are armed and heading to the cities now to support the protestors.Cheering crowd aside the streets when cars coming into the cities with heavily armed people.In that case the son of Khadaffi may be right: This can end in a civil war but in certain cities army officers surrended already or are joining the protestors because in their hearts they know the young people in the streets are demanding dignity,a future and food.The basic things in life to make it comfortable.

Libya is a beautiful country with a huge history and a great heritage. The oldest mosque of the SaharaThe libyans are proud of their nation so it will survive and I am convinced that the people will take it back from Khadaffi in the coming days..

Frank Beuken

21 Feb 2011

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