Mubarak’s game

For me it was clear,a Revolution.

From the first day on I called it a revolution where other named it protests, clashes, uprise and even revolt but it had all the ingredients of a revolution.

In no time the young people in the square were beyond the wall of fear and that is what you need to be successful against any dictator.

People were killed and injured but for Hosni Mubarak it is all a game and he doesn’t want to go away without the highest prize: $70 billion.

At first he promised not to use violence against “his people” and the police came.

Secondly he promised not to use violence and then the thugs came and so on.300 people were killed but no violence will be used.

Suleiman became the new VP. A man who was chief of the secret police for 18 years long. A man who tortured with his own hands as he was recognized by a former Guantanamo Bay “prisoner”.

After his second speech everybody in the world thought he would resign now but he didn’t and after his third speech he surprised the whole world again. Obame, president of the US was well informed by the CIA that Mubarak would resign today so he mentioned in an interview: “Tonight history will be made”. Well it did, Mubarak stayed at his post and left all the protestors and the world in a state of a huge hangover.

Did he tell the US president: “Yes I will announce my step down tonight. “But his strategy was different. He would stay and telling the world he will not accept the intervention of the foreign countries.

What is his role of the army? They were passive for 2 weeks and now they have promised the people that all their demands will be fulfilled… but it didn’t.

This morning the Army announced good news today or tomorrow, or the day after, or…

09 Feb 2011

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