Masr! Masr! Masr!

For 18 days long, heavy clashes with policemen and thugs lead by Mubarak they fought. For 300 people the freedom never came as they have died during the 18 days of Revolution

The first victim Khaled Said was kicked to death by policemen in Alexandria. Khaled was begging them to stop and asked them: “Why?” “Why?” But they didn’t listen and soon Khaled didn’t breathe anymore…

Now the people in Egypt are free, free from Mubarak. A dictator who thought he owned Egypt and he owned its people and he owned its money.

The army council has taken over power and will maintain until the first democratic elections. But the honour is for the young people on the streets of Egypt.

For 30 years long the west supported Mubarak and some of them called him one of the greatest leaders of the world. How did the people feel in prisons, in torture rooms and how did their families feel? For 30 years long the west including Israel closed their eyes for the misery of so many…until the last day they kept their support for Mubarak high.

I feel ashamed and I feel frustrated to live here in West Europe. “Our governments” were only protecting their assets in Egypt no matter how many lives it may cost.

Just now, after the young people hunted down Mubarak out of the presidential palace the western governments are willing to support these freedom fighters in the streets of Egypt.

It is me who is saying this, Not my government nor the people who are ignorant. It is me who says to the people of Egypt:

“Thank you for making this world a bit better for us and for our children.

Shukran Masr

And fight them on until there is no more Tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah, but if they cease, Let there be no hostility except to those who practise oppression Koran Surah 2.193.

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