Globalisation and food crises

If I hear the word globalisation it feels like a positive goal. The rich countries will share their wealth with the poor countries and businesses can invest all over the world and people will be a part of one world.

Unfortunately all of this is fake. The G20 promised a decrease of hunger by 50% in the year 2015. In fact more people are starving of hunger than before. The G8 promised to give $50 billion to aid in Africa. Only $1 billion was given while rich countries spend $1 billion every day for subsidies for their own agriculture.Every day. What is the impact on 3rd world countries? By these subsidies a lot of farmers can survive by overproducing and sell their products cheaper than the farmers in the poor countries.The rich countries export their products to these countries as well so local farmers can’t sell their products because the price is too high. A lot of the overproducing is rotting away in big warehouses across these “western” countries.

Fact: In rich countries 1/3 of the population is overweighted while in poor countries 1/3 is under weight.

Frank Beuken 17 Feb.2011

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