The world on fire

This year 2011 is an era of change and we are all witnesses.

Freedom has won from suppressions in Tunisia and Egypt and many countries are following; Yemen, Bahrain, Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Jordan and many more countries across the world. It is an era of consciousness. The young people want to live in a world in which they can express their opinion. In a world which provides opportunities for their future.

The world started to change and there is no turning back. Dictators are trying to make life easier with new proposals; lifting the state of emergency, pay raises, democratic elections, withdraw themselves or their sons from running for a new term. But it is too late…

With these revolutions they are not only changing their own countries but also in other parts of the world. The USA and Europe are in a state of panic: What to do? Who to support? Where do our investments go? For too long they have driven short term politics. They have neglected the civilians of all these countries and invested in corrupt regimes to maintain their incomes. Now the west is trying to decrease the damage. But it is too late…

These young people are fighting for freedom and dignity and soon their countries will be healthy states with good economies and without corrupt investments. They will become big competitors of the US and Europe and before you know, the world turned upside down.

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