Speculating about Egypt

The young people on Tahrir Square are fighting for freedom, work, food and dignity.
It’s a beautiful sight to see how huge masses of people get on their feet to protest against the regime of Mubarak. And they are so right. Since coming into office, 30 years, ago the state of emergency was announced which means to arrest people without a reason and to be taken to prison.
In the world a huge lobby is coming up. Western countries with the USA as leader. Who should they support? Why? What economic interests come with it?
Meanwhile, another 100 young people are slaughtered by so-called pro-Mubarak supporters. Vicious gangs, often police officers continue to beat up these young people. Snipers shoot unarmed people.
America talks to the media: We must ensure that peace is maintained. A dialogue must be continued. Europe agrees with ease.
The army is powerless to watch pro Mubarak people continue to kill and injure peaceful demonstrators. Now almost 300 people died and the army finally intervenes. They sealed off the square and anyone who wants to enter the area must identify themselves. A lot of people are arrested instantly because they carry police IDs with them.
Israel begins to interfere and warns the world and try to make clear that when Mubarak is gone an Islamic state similar to Iran will be the result. The West has no objectives in adhering to it.
The opposition party’s call louder: “We do not want our country to become an Islamic state like Iran, but we just want democracy and freedom.

But the world does not listen and still supports Mubarak who was very generous to them. Hundreds of people are missing and thousands tortured or put in prison.

When I look at those people there on the square I only think one thing: Freedom. These people just want freedom and they want the tyrant to resign but the West does not listen … again the West does not listen….

07 Feb 2011

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